Who Won Big Brother?

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A Hot Cup of Reali-Tea

I can’t believe I really even have to say this, but SPOILER ALERT! I will be discussing the Big Brother finale in this post.

I have been kind enough to put it at the end, just in case you accidentally open the post and didn’t want to see who won Big Brother.

Other than that, all we have to talk about is a less than juicy ep of RHONJ comprised of the travel day of the Florida trip plus some filler material courtesy of Jacqueline and Kathy.

The Return of Jac and Kathy

I’m not quite sure what the point of bringing Jacqueline and Kathy back on the show if they weren’t even legitimately interacting with the actual cast members. They were just interacting with each other and talking about the other ladies.

I mean, I talk about the Housewives with my friends, if the producers want to film that, too.

Anywho, we see that Kathy and Rich are building a new, bigger house. Who knew that those two had money? I guess her dessert line is going well?

Jacqueline and Chris are actually downsizing. The cost of raising a child with autism is staggering, plus, there’s that whole bankruptcy thing.

Those Rumors

No, not those rumors about Rino and Mrs. Claus Santa. Remember those rumors that one of the Housewives got way too drunk on the Florida trip and shared all her and her husband’s naughty sex secrets?

Melissa Gorga

 Well after this week, I’m thinking it’s Melissa! Look at how she was drinking and letting loose. All the other ladies were even commenting on it. 

What do you think?!

Manzo’d with Children

Have you seen the commercials for Caroline’s new show, Manzo’d with Children? Looks very contrived.

Will you watch?

Big Brother Finale

My favorites this season were Zach, Caleb, and strangely Nicole. I didn’t like Derrick at first, then I did, and then his constant manipulations got to be too much towards the end.

Of the three remaining players, I would have to say that I would love it if Victoria slid through and won. Hahaha. Could you imagine?!

But enough of my fantasy world. Here’s what really went down, in a condensed version of events:

 Cody won the final HOH competition, evicted Victoria, and brought Derrick to the Final Two.

As was expected, Derrick won Big Brother by a vote of 7-2 (Donny and Jocasta voted for Cody).

Donny won $25,000 as America’s Favorite Houseguest. Boo! I wanted Zach to win that.

Well, I am definitely now a BB fan and will be watching next summer. Will you?!

One final question I have for people who have watched BB a lot– does it always end up two people who have an alliance in the final? Or can it end up with enemies? Do people backstab in the final days? I’d love to hear stuff like that. This seemed a bit tame!

The week’s almost over, so if you’re not knocked up like I am, it’s time for a cocktail!

Not sure what to order at happy hour? Take the “Whats Your Real Housewives Signature Drink?” quiz! Cheers!

Photos courtesy of Bravo & CBS.


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  • Laura
    September 25, 2014 at 4:05 PM

    It’s not always two alliance members in the end! It’s fun when the final HOH really “counts!” The Rachel Riley season and Jeff/Jordan season the two final HG were not pals!!! All in all, this season was very lame- I mean tame. The dick donato was good enough for bravo!!!!!

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