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drinking a gallon of water a day

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So now it has been TWO full weeks of drinking a gallon of water a day. 

Constantly drinking water has become part of my natural routine now. I always have my 24 oz. Tervis Tumbler with me during the day. (Exception: I don’t take it out on errands, because I don’t want to have to pee in a public restroom if I don’t have to.)

Filling it up is the first thing I do in the morning (after peeing). I try to get the first 24 oz. down before I “allow” myself to have a coffee or tea.

I’m still using the Waterlogged app to keep track of my water intake every day– that’s the only way I know how much I’ve drank already. Once I get 3 glasses down and I hit 72 oz., I feel like I’m over the hump and almost done.

I didn’t cheat once this week– I hit 128 oz. every single time!

OH. And the big news…for all of my pregnancies, I have had protein in my urine whenever they check it at a visit.

On Thursday I had my first OB checkup since I started drinking a gallon of water a day. Guess what? NO PROTEIN IN MY URINE.

My doctor was amazed. The protein in my urine had stumped the practice, because I never had high blood pressure (meaning it’s not preeclampsia) and it wasn’t a kidney issue (because they sent me to a kidney doctor to be checked out and all was fine).

Turns out, I was probably just dehydrated this whole time!

week 2 comparison

Things I have noticed in the past week:

  • My legs are less itchy. They used to be dry and I would scratch them a lot at night. I haven’t done that in a week.
  • Other than a few sinus pressure headaches that I have been getting in the mornings, I haven’t had the typical headaches that would come out of nowhere. I now realize those were probably due to dehydration.
  • Circles under my eyes are still diminishing even though I have struggled with sleeping more than 5-6 hours the past three nights. I don’t look as horrendous as I should! Which I think is visible in the above comparison pictures.
  • I can see a little rosy glow in my cheeks now.
  • Lips still more moisturized and readily accept lip balm without it caking off.
  • Less dry, flaky skin on my forehead and chin.
  • No pimples.

Some pictures:

week 2 update drinking a gallon of water a day

drinking a gallon of water a day week 2 update 2I am so excited to keep going and see the results after two more weeks of doing this!

You can read my initial post, Operation Chug-A-Lug (Drinking a Gallon of Water a Day) here and my Week 1 Update: Drinking a Gallon of Water a Day here.

Get the Week 3 Update here.

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    • I have the tumbler out always, so it’s constantly on my mind. Trust me, more water is getting drunk than presents wrapped. I probably need to shift my priorities for the next few days!!!

  1. I totally see a difference!!! And even though I had preeclampsia with my girls; with Chloe, the protein in my urine and my swelling was so much less because I was obsessively drinking water. I mentioned this experiment to my mom and she said my Grammy (my Dad’s mom) always drank a gallon of water a day. My Grammy lived to be 100 and never looked a day over 75. haha.
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  2. Seems totally to be working – the photos are inspiring. A friend has done this for many years and ascribes her excellent health for decades to the practice. Just this afternoon I experienced the huge difference that adequate hydration can make. Worked all morning on a editing and transcribing and felt really lousy at the end. Drank according to thirst, a quart in a short space of time, and felt transformed. The only hesitation I have is for those who might become obsessed with hydration and go overboard, which is very dangerous. See Timothy M. Noakes, M.D.’s book Waterlogged. Noakes documents many cases of runners dying from over-hydration (encouraged by Gatorade and other “energy drink” companies), or having a dangerous health emergency during training or racing. With that said, though, I’m a believer. Thanks for this!

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