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Water Water Everywhere

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It’s December 9th and I’m looking out the window at pouring rain. Can’t we get some snow? Pretty please?

Inside my house is also an exciting scene: half-decorated tree, pumpkins (don’t ask), and a three-year-old in a smock and my shoes.

Speaking of torrential amounts of liquid, yesterday I started a challenge to drink a gallon of water each day for 30 days (which I am referring to as “Operation Chug-A-Lug”). 

Day 1 went swimmingly (hehe). Seriously, though, it was not hard at all. 

Frequent trips to the bathroom? Of course. But that was really the only bad part. 

I totally ate less, I guess because the water was filling me up and replacing the urge I usually get to snack all afternoon.

(And I’m not talking about skipping the healthy extra snacks that a pregnant person is supposed to eat. I’m talking about skipping the seven Oreos or bags of chips I was eating. Trust that this baby in my belly is getting all the calories he needs!)

A couple people keep sharing an article about the dangers of water poisoning on my Facebook page. I had seen the article before I even started this challenge and the instances it is referring to are completely different. For example, a man who drank two gallons in two hours…quite a bit different than one gallon spread out over fourteen hours. 

Also, just like I responded to the people sharing the article, my obstetrician just told me at my last visit that I might be dehydrated and that pregnant women should be drinking close to a gallon water per day anyway. And obviously, I trust my OB’s advice more than a random Facebook stranger.


In other health news, my husband must have read my rant-y, complain-y post from last week, because he went out that very night and bought me a heating pad for my sciatica.

Unfortunately, it was a dud and wouldn’t even turn on. But then the next day, a package arrived from my thoughtful sister-in-law…

A (WORKING) HEATING PAD! Hurray! I love it. I’d sit on that bad boy all day long if I could.

In other other health news, my kids have colds/coughs again. Those middle-of-the-night coughing fits SUCK. One starts coughing and crying and wakes the other up. Both of them spit out medicine if I try to give it to them.

One of my friends suggested giving my older one a Dum-Dum lollipop to suck on for a few minutes. What has worked for you??

Holiday Stuff

Are you finished with all your holiday shopping? Yeah, me neither. I swear, I’m going to sit down tonight with my list and get stuff ordered! (Online. I do 99% of my shopping online.)

If you need ideas for gifts, check out all of my Holiday Gift Guides…there’s one for Babies/Toddlers, one for Kids, one for Moms, one for Dads, one for Grandparents, one that’s Stocking Stuffers, and one for Bravoholics.

I have three giveaways going on right now, too, in case you want to try your hand at winning gifts for people!

Plus, this weekend I will be hosting a giveaway with 24 other blogs for a $25o Amazon gift card, as part of the 25 Blogs of Christmas series.

Check out 25 Christmas themed posts (new ones added each day), starting with my Christmas Eve Checklist for kids!

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  • Rebecca
    December 9, 2014 at 8:34 PM

    Try chewable medicine for the kids! My son refused to take liquid Tylenol so I got the chewable kind and he thinks it’s candy and has no problem taking it now!

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