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9 Helpful Tips for Your Sesame Place Visit

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Headed to Sesame Place? Here’s what you need to know!

Tips for Sesame Place

Heading to Sesame Place?

I went last week and had a great time. It was a hot day, but the park ended up not very crowded. We hit the dry rides in the morning, ate lunch, and then spent the afternoon doing water stuff.

Here are 9 helpful tips for your Sesame Place visit!

1. Bring shoes for everyone. This might sound like a “duh” one, but I got all the way up to the front of a line for a ride and was turned away because my one-year-old (who I was carrying) didn’t have his shoes on. I had them back at the stroller, of course, but it took too long so I said “Screw it!”

2. Arrive right when it opens at 10:00 A.M. The General Admission Parking Lot ($17) won’t be full yet, so you will get a great spot right near the entrance without having to pay extra to park in the V.I.P. Lot ($30).

3. Bring water bottles and sunblock. It gets HOT!

4. Read the rules for each ride before getting in line. Some rides let one adult bring two children on, while others require one adult per child. Other rides have height restrictions. You will prevent wasting your time by simply reading the requirements posted on the ride’s sign.

5. Eat lunch on the early side. This way you beat the crowd that shows up at 12-12:30ish. We went to Elmo’s Eatery at 11:30 and had no lines or trouble finding a spot. There’s even a Starbucks at Elmo’s Eatery now!

6. If you bring a stroller, make sure you know how to operate it. My mother-in-law and I spent a good fifteen minutes struggling to open my double stroller in the parking lot. We asked strangers to help, Googled instructions, and finally just wrenched it open.

7. Bring enough money. Parking, pictures with the characters, souvenir t-shirts and hats…just some of the extras you might want that aren’t included with your tickets. Also, the food is on the expensive side, but right in line with other amusement park prices.

8. Be prepared for your little one’s reaction to the characters. Sure they love seeing Elmo on TV and playing with their Elmo dolls, but seeing him up close can be frightening. You may assume your kid will go bananas (in a good way) when he sees all the characters, but just be prepared for a more lukewarm reaction…like fear of the giant furry people who are trying to talk to him.

9. Bring enough adults. Make sure you have enough adults to be able to take certain kids on certain rides and one adult to watch the babies who aren’t going on the ride. Obviously, you know the ages of your kids and their abilities, but with my kids at age 1 (not walking) and 3 (prone to tantrums), I knew I couldn’t take them by myself. So I brought my mother-in-law!

Have you been to Sesame Place lately? What advice would you offer other parents?

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