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‘Tis the Season for Going Pantless?

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Thanksgiving is over and the December holiday activities have begun. If only my daughter would realize that winter is not the season for going pantless.

Lilly raincoat

I can’t believe it’s already December. It has been cold and rainy in Virginia this week…just not cold enough that the rain will turn to snow. Grrrr. 

I am a total snow-lover. Give me a blizzard over a summer day anytime! I love feeling like I’m stuck in the house and the only things to do are build a fire and drink Bailey’s. 

(Slight problems: our new house doesn’t have a fireplace and we drank all the Bailey’s on Thanksgiving.)

Last week I wrote about my four-year-old’s issue with putting on socks. It has gotten worse since then and now pants are bothering her skin, too.

We have not taken her to a doctor about this since it’s been going on for only a few weeks now, so I am not 100% sure that it is just a sensory issue and not a defiant behavior issue indicative of my horrible parenting skills. (As someone on my Facebook page told me, I should just TELL her to put them on and she should DO IT. #soeasy)

BUT my guess is that it is a sensory issue because she tries to put her pants and socks on and then rips them off within a minute, sobbing that she can’t go outside and play with her friends. So it’s not like this behavior is bringing her any joy…it’s bringing her misery.

Anyway, an occupational therapist at the school where my mother-in-law works recommended a sensory brush for her. We have been brushing her feet and legs a few times a day to desensitize them.

I don’t know if it’s definitely working, but yesterday she did put pants on and say that they felt fine! #momvictory

As you can see from the picture above, she actually does have pretty sharp fashion sense every once in awhile. I mean…that matching raincoat and hat with pearls? Genius.

Still, it remains a day-to-day struggle with the socks and pants. Today isn’t such a big deal because she doesn’t go to preschool. But tomorrow is another school day and we have friends coming down for the weekend, which means we have plans that require us to leave the home. In pants.

I’m hoping that continued brushing will help ease us out of this phase. In the meantime, since loose pajama pants are the only things that she will tolerate on her legs, I ordered several pairs from The Gap that hopefully don’t look like sleepwear when worn with a regular shirt. We shall see.

We did our gingerbread houses on Monday and they promptly got eaten. I apparently failed to tell the kids that they were going to be decorations, not a mid-afternoon snack. 

I actually found smaller gingerbread “cottages” at Target…the smaller the building I have to construct solely with cookie and icing, the better. 

In other exciting news, our kitchen table is finally done. My husband finished it right before Thanksgiving but the finish wasn’t dry enough to use for the actual dinner.


Now it’s up in our kitchen being used and he is busy building benches for it. (We are not planning to use folding chairs in the kitchen forever, as attractive as they may be.)

Today’s plan– get groceries for the weekend and clean the house for our visitors. We decided to put off getting a Christmas tree until Sunday. 

One final note…I don’t even know what to say about yet another mass shooting. If you are angry, frustrated, or just plain tired of living in a country where this happens everyday, text “ENOUGH” to 64433 and Everytown for Gun Safety will tell you what you can do to help.

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