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The Smartest Car Seat Ever

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TrueFitIAlert CarSeat

Last week while I was at The Big Toy Book Baby Palooza, I had the opportunity to see a new, state-of-the-art infant car seat that actually communicates with parents if there is a problem with baby. The First Years True Fit IAlertCar Seat won’t be released until June 2013 but it is sure to be a hot-ticket item among all new parents.

The IAlert will be the first ever car seat to synch with your mobile phone and send you an alert if:

1. The child has been left in the car seat after the car has been turned off.

2. The child has unbuckled himself and is out of the seat while the car is moving.

In addition, the IAlert also monitors whether:

3. The temperature has gotten either too warm or too cold for the child.

4. The car seat is installed at the correct angle.

(These two issues are monitored by the app, but you will not be sent an alert- it’s up to you to check.)

TrueFit IAlert 2

All of the above situations could be potentially dangerous for the child, and all are situations that have actually occurred and caused injury or death to a child. The First Years wants to prevent these tragedies from ever happening again, by putting one more safeguard in place: a reminder alert. Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you make a last-minute decision to have your husband drop the baby off at daycare. He usually doesn’t do this; he usually only takes your older child to school. But you’re sick, and your husband ends up taking both kids.

He drops the older child off at school, like usual. But because the baby is fast asleep in the car seat, Dad forgets about his extra stop and continues on to work. Dad gets out of the car and leaves baby asleep in the car seat.

Now imagine that it is a hot summer day. The temperature in a car can go up twenty degrees in just ten minutes. Kids’ (especially babies’) bodies can’t handle that heat the way an adult can.

Thankfully, Dad has the True Fit IAlert Car Seat. The IAlert app sends him a notification on his Smartphone letting him know that baby is still in his seat and it’s been three minutes since the car stopped moving.


Now, if Dad doesn’t acknowledge the notification on his phone, the app will start sending out texts and emails to the people listed as emergency contacts. Thankfully, Dad sees the alert and goes out to get the baby. Crisis averted! (Until his wife hears about this near-miss!)

It’s easy to think, I would never forget my kid in the car. But last year, eight kids died from being left in a car in the month of August alone. Things happen. Parents aren’t perfect, and we are often frazzled and sleep-deprived…I know I am!

With this innovative new product, The First Years has raised the bar on car seat safety. The First Years True Fit IAlertCar Seat is available for pre-order on Amazon, but it won’t be released until June. It retails for $399.99.

Disclosure: Because I was so impressed by this car seat, The First Years is sending me one when they are released in June. All opinions are my own and are based on the demonstration I saw of just what an amazing, life-saving car seat this is! This post contains affiliate links to help support The Naughty Mommy.

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    May 2, 2013 at 9:41 AM

    Oh my gosh! I am excited about this – but at the same time, wow! I can’t believe we need this! Maybe as parents we are just a little too frazzled in general. But for just a few hundred extra bucks, the peace of mind might be worth it to many parents.

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