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10 Things I Can’t Wait To Do After Giving Birth

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The last few weeks of pregnancy can be BRUTAL! Here are ten things I’m looking forward to once I birth this baby…

10 Things I Can't Wait to Do After Giving Birth

Less than four weeks to go until my due date and woo hoo- today I found out I’m already one centimeter dilated!

Immediately I assumed that meant I would be going into labor soon (like tomorrow)…but then I found out it can still take weeks to get to the labor stage. Sigh.

Obviously I know it’s best for babies to stay in the womb as long as possible. I’m just not a happy pregnant person. Nine (actually ten) months is SO long. I really don’t get the women who love being pregnant. Sure there are some perks, but man, I can’t wait to pop that baby out and get back to all my favorite things.

Here is what I am most looking forward to:

1. Having a nice, big, chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I am not going to lie and say that I have not had a glass of wine on occasion during this pregnancy, but it’s just not the same. I always end up feeling guilty and not finishing it, even though my doctor said one to two glasses per week is perfectly acceptable. (OBVIOUSLY, each woman’s doctor feels differently about this issue, and I am not advocating anyone go get wasted while pregnant. I just happen to believe, as do many medical professionals, that an occasional glass of wine is okay.)

2. Eating some delicious rolls and a sushi pizza. Yes, I can still order rolls that have cooked fish in them, but some of the best ones have raw fish. Even when I tried to still order something with a tiny amount of raw fish, the waitress at our favorite sushi place, Umi, wouldn’t let me!

3. Sleeping on my stomach! I am (literally) tired of sleeping on my side, even though I have a wonderful maternity pillow. I always wake up on my back anyways. The funny thing is, I am not a stomach-sleeper by nature…I just want to sleep that way now. Because I can’t.

4. Going for a run. True, I was sort-of glad when sciatica pain sidelined me from running early in the winter. But now that the weather is nicer, I’m itching to get out for a nice, long run.

5. Drinking all the coffee I want. Well, not really, since I’ll be breastfeeding. I think I’ll be able to have some, though…right?


6. Seeing friends and family and not hearing “Wow, you got BIG!” I actually haven’t gotten huge, but to people who only see me occasionally, there is that shock of seeing someone who had no belly all of a sudden (to them) have a big, pregnant stomach. Even my mom has made this remark, and she sees me almost every week.

7. Sitting in a chair or on the couch and not feeling like I’m folding my uterus and the baby in half. Enough said.

8. Taking a hot bath with my stomach actually under the water. I am a big fan of baths, and they tell you hot baths are a no-no when you’re pregnant.

9. Watching the scale go down instead of up. I’m sure there’s no woman out there whose reaction at the doctor’s office is “Hooray! I’ve gained another four pounds this week!”

10. Not being at the OB/GYN every week. Sometimes, it’s twice a week. Should I just move in? At least they have the good sense to have the TV in the waiting room set to ABC, so I get to see Live with Kelly & Michael in the mornings or General Hospital in the afternoons.

And then of course, what I am MOST looking forward to is the little guy who will be making his arrival soon!


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  • Becky
    May 16, 2013 at 6:42 AM

    Good luck with the home stretch!

  • Ann
    May 16, 2013 at 8:53 PM

    Rest as much as you can these last few weeks. When people ask what they can do to help, murmur, “Bring over a few prepared dinners for the freezer.” Best wishes!

  • Nancy
    May 19, 2013 at 11:57 AM

    You should be a roll model for pregnant woman , you look fabulous! But I get you’re done! 🙁 hang in there Mama!!!

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