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The Bachelor: Season 20, Episode 7 Recap

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Ben brings the ladies to Warsaw, Indiana where he grew up.

The Bachelor Recap

Welcome to Warsaw, Indiana…where the restaurants don’t have Wi-Fi because they want you to “talk to each other!” How adorable.

Warsaw is where Ben grew up and where his parents still reside today. He meets them at a diner to quickly catch them up on the last seven weeks of his life as a polygamist on The Bachelor.

He describes the six remaining ladies (Caila, Amanda, Emily, Lauren B., JoJo, and Becca) to his parents. He tells them Becca was standoffish last week, Caila’s afraid she won’t fall in love, Emily has grown since cutting the cord from her twin, Lauren stands out from the bunch, JoJo is gorgeous, and Amanda is “shockingly beautiful.” 

Amanda is pretty, but I wouldn’t call her so pretty that it’s shocking. What is shocking is that she still has a baby voice as a 25-year-old mother of two.

Whilst Ben is discussing them with his parents, the ladies frolic in the Warsaw leaves and marvel at this picturesque hometown where they would each love to move to and make babies with Ben.

Or they did, until he showed up and asked Lauren out on the first one-on-one date. Now the rest of the girls all hate him, because he’s giving Lauren too much “validation.”

Meanwhile Lauren is feeling anything but validated after last week in the Bahamas when Psycho Leah lied and said that Lauren is “different” around Ben than she is around the girls. Which was a complete and utter lie.

Anywho, Ben takes Lauren to a youth club where he worked for four years. They goof around with the kids, meet some Indiana Pacers, and make out. They finally discuss what Leah said about Lauren (without mentioning Leah’s name), but Ben reassures Lauren that he trusts her. 

Lauren tells us in her confessional that she is in love with Ben. Join the club, sweetie.

Next up for a one-on-one is JoJo, who feels she needs to let her guard down and advance her relationship to catch up with frontrunner Lauren.

They go to Wrigley Field to play baseball. Ben claims that he feels more himself around JoJo than anyone else ever in his life. Well, geez. What is so special about her? 

He says they have a passion. I’m confused. Who is winning– Lauren or JoJo? 

JoJo tells Ben that she is hesitant because of things that have happened in her past, not because of anything Ben did. She tells him she is “Team Ben.” 

“I’m not scared anymore,” says JoJo. “I threw those fears out the window and I just let myself fall.” #adorbs

It’s time for the group date and Becca, Caila, and Amanda will duke it out for a rose that = Hometown Dates!

All three ladies are feeling bitter about being on a group date. Ladies, Ben does not like when you act standoffish, so you better shape up. He likes smiley girls who are vulnerable and passionate. 

Becca is beginning to crack. She is, like, really stressed out and basically demands that Ben let her go if he doesn’t feel the same way about her as she does about him. 

Caila tells Ben she is really excited for him to meet her family. This doesn’t convince him, though, because he gives the group date rose to Amanda. Amanda and Ben will continue the rest of the date alone while the other two girls are sent home.

Becca and Caila both cry, but honestly? How much of the rose is a pity rose because she’s a single mom? Frankly I think if he’s not absolutely sure about Amanda, he should send her home now. And I just don’t see a spark between the two of them.

Back at the house Becca can’t stop crying. She says she is frustrated and her feelings are hurt. Becca– this means, he’s just not that into you.

But listen, you’re not missing much. The rest of the date with Ben is going to McDonald’s and working the drive-thru. Literally.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…The Bachelor budget has apparently tanked.

After their Mickey D’s dinner, Ben takes her to a town carnival. Amanda is so excited. She misses her kids and Ben will be the first guy she introduces them to.

Emily has the final one-on-one date. The girls who aren’t on the date discuss how Emily’s relationship can’t compare to any of theirs…because they are all way better than Emily. 

Not way better than Emily? Caila’s overalls. WTF?

Caila's overalls

Is Ben joking? He takes Emily to his parents’ house to meet them. Why?

Why, why, why? 

There is zero chance that they will end up together. She is 23, from Las Vegas, and is a “twin” by career.

Emily certainly doesn’t give Ben’s mom the warm and fuzzies by telling her that she would love to be a Denver Bronco cheerleader and that she thinks she will be an “above average mom.”

She also tells Ben’s dad that her favorite thing in the world to do is lay on the couch and watch movies all day. I kid you not.

Ben, please tell your poor parents that you’re NOT getting engaged to Emily before they have a heart attack. 

They leave and Ben brings Emily back to the house, where they sit on the dock and chat…and Ben tells her he can’t picture her as his wife. Bye, Emily.

Before the Rose Ceremony, Ben speaks to Chris Harrison and tells him he doesn’t know what to do.

To recap, Ben has four Hometown Date roses to give out. Amanda has one. Remaining are: Lauren, JoJo, Caila, and Becca. I’m thinking Caila or Becca goes home.

And I’m right…Lauren, JoJo, and Caila got roses. Becca got sent home. 

“Why did you do that? Why did you do that?” she asks Ben as he walks her out. She is mad that he “blindsided” her, but seems like after being on two seasons of the show Becca should understand the concept of a Rose Ceremony.

Third time’s the charm? But seriously. Stop going on The Bachelor, Becca. Just stop.

Next week: Ben meets the ladies’ families and it seems JoJo’s brothers are hell-bent on causing drama. Fun!

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