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The Bachelor: Season 20, Episode 6

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Will Olivia be sent home before the Rose Ceremony? 

The Bachelor Recap

We rejoin Ben and the ladies at an odd moment…right before the Rose Ceremony, because last week’s episode ended unexpectedly with some “To Be Continued” nonsense.

Ben has just pulled Olivia out to ask her why the other women seem to hate her.

Olivia puts on her nicest, softest voice and explains that she has had a target on her back ever since she got the First Impression Rose. (True.)

She also says that all the other girls want to do is paint their nails. (Possibly true.)

While she, Olivia, wants to “talk smart things.” (False. So very false.)

She concludes that she has been trying to be nice to the girls, and she “just can’t win!” (Also false.)

But because Ben is unsure of the protocol for taking back a rose (he gave her one already this week), he leads her back to the group of girls and reminds them that he likes them all for different reasons…and Olivia is the Most Likely to Bang Him Before the Overnight Date. (Okay, so he didn’t say that last part, but that’s what he’s thinking.)

The Rose Ceremony is ready to begin. Olivia, Lauren H., and Amanda already have roses.

Caila, Lauren B., JoJo, Becca, Leah, and Emily receive the remaining roses. Goodbye, Jennifer. I feel like we hardly knew you. Probably because we did. Who are you, again?

The remaining nine ladies head to the Grand Isle Resort in the Bahamas but the mood quickly turns sour. Or at least one of the lady’s moods turns sour. And her name is Leah. 

Leah is pissed when the first date card arrives and it’s for…Caila! I would be pissed, too. Caila is uber-annoying and babyish. Plus, she swings her hair around too much.

Leah’s problem, however, comes from the fact that that she has not gotten a one-on-one date yet and now Caila has her second one-on-one date. Leah sobs in the bathroom that it’s so unfair and it’s a slap in the face, blah blah blah.

Meanwhile, poor Caila’s date is getting zero play from the producers in favor of Leah’s hysterics. Caila and Ben go fishing, kiss, jump in the ocean, kiss, Caila giggles, more kissing, etc.

At dinner, Ben questions whether or not there is depth under Caila’s bubbles. The conversation gets heavy as Caila’s smile disappears when she is asked to be vulnerable.

She then tells Ben that she feels like she loves him. But she is also afraid she might never love someone completely. She fears she will hurt Ben. #confusing

As Caila attempts to explain herself before getting asked to leave, she endears herself to Ben by being confusing and cute. She gets the rose.

Back at the hotel, another date card arrives: it’s a group date for everyone except Olivia and Emily, who will be fighting for Ben on the two-on-one date.

Honestly, though, after seeing what the group date entails, I think I would have rather gone on the two-on-one and risked the 50% chance of being sent home. Because on the group date? They swim in the ocean with pigs. 

Big, aggressive, hungry pigs. WHO COMES UP WITH THESE DATE IDEAS? IS THAT PERSON STONED? These poor ladies. I was not aware I had a fear of pigs in the ocean until tonight. So thank you, Bachelor.

Ben realizes that the date is really awkward, mainly because they are all standing around on a beach with no private places to go. So, Ben can either publicly make out with girls or just keep his distance so as not to offend anyone.

Leah finally gets her chance to talk to Ben but she whines and acts standoffish. I’m guessing she will be going home. Thankfully, the date has an evening portion that is on dry land without pigs.

Ben takes Becca aside first. He asks her why she was standoffish earlier. She says that there is an obvious connection between him and Lauren B. and that everyone notices. Of course, she says it in her totally innocent Becca way. 

Ben makes an effort to reassure all the girls of his feelings. Except Leah, because the second she gets time with him, she attempts to throw Lauren B. under the bus. Of all people, Leah decides to boldly LIE to Ben and say that Lauren B. acts differently with Ben than she acts around the ladies in the house.

Leah gives no examples and offers no proof. But she plants a seed of doubt in Ben’s head about Lauren B. 

Ben tells Lauren B. what he has just heard (but doesn’t say who said it), and Lauren B. is understandably confused. She cries to the other girls and can’t believe who would do this to her. Leah denies that it was her, saying she would NEVER do something like that. 

Wow. Leah just became Bachelor Nation’s Public Enemy #1. 

And she’s not done yet! Her desperation soars to new heights as she sneaks out of the hotel room later that night to go find Ben. The plan = get him to send Lauren B. home so that there is more room for her.

This should be interesting.

“I don’t want Ben to end up with Lauren B. and I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen,” says Leah in her confessional.

Leah does her darndest to try to destroy Lauren B. with loads of lies, but Ben ain’t falling for it. He tells her it would be best if she just goes home. #byepsycho

Guys don’t like when other girls try to destroy the girl they like. Duh.

But onto even stormier seas…the two-on-one date with Olivia and Emily. There are literal stormy seas as a boat drops the trio off on a wet, windy island (that also has wine). Olivia talks with Ben first and she tells him that she is in love with him. She is convinced that the feeling is mutual, but I’m not so sure.

Emily goes balls to the wall in a last-ditch effort to be the one who receives the rose. She gives Ben a whole spiel about how she wants today to be the turning point in their relationship and she is ready to fall for him and she wants to have his twin babies who can also grow up to be professional twins like her and Haley.

Ben thanks both women for coming today, then takes the rose and asks if Olivia will go for a walk with him. She thinks she is getting the rose. Emily thinks Olivia is getting the rose, too. 

But she’s NOT! Ben walks her down the beach to dump her. And then she has to stand on the beach and watch Ben and Emily sail off in the boat. How long did they make Olivia stand on that beach in the rain for?

It’s time for the Cocktail Party. JK. Ben cancels it and the ladies are freaking out. Lauren B. had wanted to get the chance to convince Ben that what Leah said was a lie. So now she thinks she is going home.

The only safe ones are Emily and Caila. Ben gives the remaining roses to…

Becca, JoJo, and Lauren B. 

Lauren H. has to say goodbye. 

The scenes for the rest of the season are intense! Ben tells two women that he’s in love with them (a major no-no) and appears to have a change of heart during his proposal?! I can’t freaking wait.

But for now I will just revel in the fact that Olivia and Leah are gone. 

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