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The Bachelor: Season 20, Episode 4 Recap

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Ben and the ladies head to Las Vegas as Olivia gets desperate.

The Bachelor Recap

Before we get to the recap, let’s discuss the latest news from Bachelor Nation…JADE AND TANNER GOT MARRIED!

Don’t care? Me neither. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on.

Since the producers have milked all the cheap dates they can out of the greater Los Angeles area, Ben and the ladies fly to Las Vegas. Because it’s so romantic. Yeah. Nothing spells romantic like gambling, hookers, and drive-through wedding chapels!

JoJo gets the first one-on-one date card. They share a glass of champagne on the rooftop before the helicopter lands. When the helicopter does land, it knocks over their table and shatters the champagne glasses. The ladies watching from the hotel room window have a good giggle at this but they get really quiet really fast when Ben and JoJo start making out.

JoJo and Ben do some talking and some making out. She has “trust issues” that came up in her last relationship (ended five months ago, lasted 1.5 years). Ben likes JoJo “more and more” each time he hangs out with her. 

I can totally see them together– she is confident, relaxed, and doesn’t seem to court drama the way other girls do. They watch fireworks together as the other girls see them, again, from the window and cry their little eyes out that it wasn’t them on the date. #wah

The group date happens. It is a talent competition and it involves all the ladies except JoJo and Becca. “I need to find a talent!” is heard frequently.

Olivia has come up with some type of showgirl dancing number which will also feature her secret talent, which is… showing her boobs? Dancing awkwardly? Putting a spell on the other girls and making them like her?

The talent show begins and the twins are up first with an Irish dancing number. Jubilee plays the cello. Lauren H. or B. juggles, while the Single Mom hula-hoops. (Seriously?)

Caila does the hula dance and the other Lauren dresses like a chicken. Is that a talent?

But now it’s Olivia’s turn. She pops out of a cake and does the most horribly AWKWARD dance I’ve ever witnessed. Poor girl needed about five more drinks in order to make this happen. “It was cringe-worthy,” says Lauren B.

I’m confused. What was her secret talent?!

After her performance, Olivia has a panic attack. Did someone just show her a video of her performance? 

“I got off the stage and I got a pity hug,” weeps Olivia. “That was so embarrassing. I’m here to be marriage material.”

The group date continues into the night with a cocktail party. Caila gets the first alone time with Ben and goes right in for the kiss, causing Ben to liken her to a “tigress” and a “sex panther.” Ummm…

Olivia gets to explain herself but is left unsatisfied with the result. She feels like things are different with Ben. Yes, I’m sure it has nothing to do with last week when you “comforted” him with sob stories about your cankles.

Lauren B. has the most quality time with Ben. She is the only one I can see going the distance with Ben. And by distance, I mean getting engaged on TV and breaking up within 2-3 years.

Lauren B. tells Ben that she is falling for him, having feelings she’s never had before, etc. He’s definitely feeling the same.

Olivia is still unsettled about her conversation with Ben so she interrupts his time with Emily to get more alone time. She gets a kiss and a hug from Ben, but it’s nothing compared to his time with Lauren B.

The group date rose goes to Lauren B.

Becca has the final (or is it?) one-on-one date and it involves her showing up to the date in a white wedding gown. That definitely doesn’t make the others jealous. “She’s definitely the person to wear white,” says Jubilee.

Poor Becca shows up at the wedding chapel and Ben pretends like he’s proposing but then asks, “Will you marry…other people with me?” I swear Becca would have said yes to an actual marriage proposal. She seemed almost disappointed that it was not one.

They marry strangers for their date and it’s cute, I guess. Becca is boring, in my opinion. She was perfect for Farmer Chris. I guarantee she will be the next Bachelorette. I’m calling it now. #youhearditherefirst

Becca receives a rose from Ben on the date, followed by some light making out and knee-touching.

It’s the day of the Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony, but Ben isn’t ready to make his decisions just yet. He asks to spend the day with the twins, Emily and Haley (who live in Las Vegas). Ben wants to see which (if any) of the twins he likes better, because it’s hard for him to date both at the same time.

Since they live in Vegas, the trio heads to Emily and Haley’s home. They live with their parents, but that is not the most embarrassing thing about this. Haley has framed pictures of her and her ex-boyfriend displayed in her bedroom. Oops. 

Even more embarrassing, the tubes and tubes of what looks to be Wet n’ Wild makeup on her dresser. How old are these girls??

Ben decides to give Haley the old heave-ho and he returns to the hotel with Emily. Not like Emily will be here much longer– they have zero connection, as well. Couldn’t he have pulled the trigger on both? I’m pretty sure they have their first kiss in the car ride to the hotel. And it’s a pity kiss.

At the Cocktail Party, Olivia is still in Desperation Mode. She interrupts Ben’s time with another girl to bring him a piece of cake, because she says that is her “real talent.” Eating cake. He seems to reassure her, but he definitely has his guard up.

After her conversation, she tells JoJo that she told Ben she was falling in love with him. (She didn’t really.) She also tells JoJo that Ben reciprocated her expression of love. (Also not true.)

It’s time to hand out some roses! Becca, Lauren B., and JoJo already have roses.

Ben gives the rest of the roses to: Amanda, Lauren H., Jubilee, Emily, Caila, Jennifer, Leah, and Olivia. 

Amber and Unemployed Rachel (who?) go home. Let’s call it a day with going on Bachelor shows, okay, Amber? I think you’re done.

Next week: they travel to Mexico and the ladies tattle on Olivia. Finally.

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