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Teresa Giudice’s WWHL Interview (Part Two)

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Teresa answers viewer questions during Part Two of her sit-down interview with Andy Cohen.

Watch What Happens Live - Season 13

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I’m still reading her new book, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back AgainIt’s actually very entertaining.

I teared up when she wrote about saying goodbye to her girls the night before she left. Not because I feel bad for her– I believe she knew she was doing illegal activities to get massive amounts of money and I also believe she had several chances to make it right, but didn’t. I just felt bad for her daughters.

But maybe she will actually admit guilt and be humble in Part Two of her interview with Andy? Let’s see what we learn…

  • Teresa had sex with Joe the first night she came home. Duh. (They had to go to another room in the middle of the night, though, because all the girls slept in their bed with them.)
  • She has been wearing (and is still wearing) braces on her teeth for the past year. I guess that’s why her teeth look humongous all of a sudden.
  • Lots of Teresa’s fellow inmates were “gay for the stay.” Teresa got massages from some lesbians, but that’s it. 
  • Teresa will “of course” be voting for Donald Trump, her former boss on Celebrity Apprentice. “I think he’ll make a great president,” she said. 
  • Here is Teresa’s average day in prison: Get up at 6:30. Check email. Do yoga. Walk/run outside. Eat lunch. Drink coffee and watch some news. Take a nap. Workout again. Eat dinner. Have coffee. Go to the gym. Watch TV. Go to bed.
  • Teresa was strip-searched when the prison officials thought she had a cell phone.
  • The guards were very nice to her.
  • The biggest family moments she missed while away were: Gia’s dance, Audriana graduating kindergarten, and Audriana’s dance recital.

  • Teresa is unsure whether or not all the ladies in prison got their period at the same time. There was, however, tons of drama between the inmates.
  • She claims she was not given any special treatment in prison; she feels she was scrutinized more because of who she was.
  • On her birthday, Teresa’s friend (the cook) made her a special meal of grilled chicken, spinach, and pasta.
  • Teresa lost 8 lbs. in prison but got very toned.
  • She is not allowed to email with any of her prison friends now.
  • The first cosmetic procedure Teresa had done was a hydro-facial.
  • Teresa was on home confinement until February 5, during which she was not allowed to drink alcohol. She claims to not miss it. #lies
  • Teresa has not heard from Kim D. or Danielle Staub. But she did get a card from Kim G.
  • She would be open to having lunch with Caroline Manzo. 
  • There was blood and urine stains on her mattress in jail when she arrived.
  • She feels she is a calmer person now. 

And of course, Teresa will be returning to Real Housewives of New Jersey later this year!

Image courtesy of Bravo.

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