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Masquerade {Vanderpump Rules Season 6, Ep 1}

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Get my thoughts on the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 premiere.

Over the years as I’ve watched this crew of characters, my loyalties have changed a bit.

At first I was a diehard Stassi fan, and I hated Katie, Schwartz, Kristen, and Tom.

Once Kristen revealed herself as a psycho, I fell in with Tom and Ariana and supported them as a couple. Read More »

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7 Things About the Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Part 2

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Part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion is discussed…

Last week’s Vanderpump Rules Reunion (Part 1) was full of feel-good vibes…James and Jax were laughing together, Katie apologized to Lala, etc.

Of course that was too good to be true.

Lala was on the hot seat in the second installment of the Reunion last night and boy did they dish it out.

7 Things About the Vanderpump Rules Reunion

1. Katie/Stassi/Kristen vs. Scheana, Round 67. This time the ladies find fault with how Scheana eats and drinks. Apparently Scheana’s not liking fish (although Kristen won’t eat it either) bothered them when they went to the Hamptons. As did Scheana’s refusal to drink sugary, calorie-laden drinks. I’m on #TeamScheana here…if I looked as good as her, I’d be watching what I ate, too! The other girls are just jealous. Case closed.

2. Might James be coming back to SUR? When Andy asked Lisa Vanderpump about whether or not James would work for her again, she seemed reluctant to give a hard “NO.” I bet he’ll be back. Lisa has a soft spot for James, which (as pointed out by Andy) is much different than how she feels about another ex-SURver, Kristen.

3. Lala’s excuse for missing Ariana’s party. After seeing the previously unseen footage of how rude and mean Jax was being to Lala at the time, how could anyone question her decision not to go on an RV trip with him? I don’t care if Tom Sandoval promised that Jax would be nice, it would still be an incredibly awkward and anxiety-ridden trip for Lala. She bailed. Let it gooooooooooooo!

4. So IS Lala’s boyfriend married? What is the deal here? She says he isn’t married but if he isn’t, then why all the secrecy? I still haven’t figured this one out. According to this, her boyfriend is married producer Randall Emmett. I’m so confused. I thought I could trust Lala’s word. (Lolz.)

5. The N.D.A. thing. Okay so we can all agree that a non-celebrity having just the people she hangs out with (a.k.a. her friends) sign non-disclosure agreements is a little weird, right? She swears this is a normal thing to do (it’s not) and that it’s just to protect her from when she’s drunk and high and saying or doing dumb stuff. Tom Sandoval presented an easy solution– don’t be around people you don’t trust. I have another easy solution– don’t blackout so you don’t know what you’re doing or saying! Also, I thought she was sober now??

6. Nicolai. Was bringing Stassi’s little brother Nicolai to the Reunion necessary? I could have gone without knowing that he’s walked into Stassi’s room seeing her boobs and a “weird expression” on her face. What was that all about?! 

7. Scheana said that Katie has a drinking problem…not to be confused with being an alcoholic. I liked the distinction here and I think she’s right, although to be honest, I think quite a lot of them on that stage could be classified as problem drinkers. I have a feeling Katie is not going to forgive this one.

While I was a Lala fan throughout the season, her appearance in Part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion left a bad taste in my mouth. I mean, they’re all high on themselves, but she’s taking it to the next level.

My M.V.P.s for last night were Scheana and James.

I will be eagerly awaiting the appearance of Shay on the final part of the Reunion…until next week!


Images courtesy of Bravo.

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10 Things About the Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Part 1

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Here are my thoughts on the Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Part 1…

I hope you played along with the Vanderpump Rules Reunion Drinking Game last night. If you didn’t, print it out for next time!

I thought everyone looked really good, but I was confused by the seating of Jax and James next to each other. I assume it was to try to get them to fight? 

Mission NOT accomplished!

Let’s chat about what went down, shall we?

10 Things About the Vanderpump Rules Reunion

1. By far, the best moment of the Reunion was Katie’s (seemingly) heartfelt apology to Lala. It was well-deserved and long overdue. I would love for Lala to be brought back into the fold as a friend of this crew…she was an awesome addition to the show!

2. Oh wait. Or was the best moment when James Kennedy did an impression of Stassi crawling back to SUR from New York?! The James last night was the James that I love. How is it possible that he had all his haters cracking up at him?! Even Jax!

3. Everyone looked gorgeous in their Reunion Wear, but my favorites were Scheana (HAIR!) and Stassi. I think Brittany could have picked a better gown to support her new boobs, but that’s okay. 

4. Stassi telling Scheana how not to be skinny. “Go to Taco Bell…I know how to do it.”

5. I couldn’t love Tom Sandoval more, but when he was defending Lala? That was amazing, chivalrous, kind, and brave. Not even James was sticking up for her!

6. I wish we had heard more about the nasty text Katie sent Tom and Ariana on Gay Pride. I can’t believe she had the nerve to shame them for actually doing their jobs and showing up for work during a tragedy. Girl, please.

7. I felt Kristen’s presence was unnecessary last night. All she did was chime in to tell Scheana to “own her own shit” or roll her eyes whenever James spoke.

8. After a season of being really frustrated by Katie’s attitude, I appreciated her explanation that she was in a bad place and acting out. I don’t think she’s inherently mean and evil. I think she got caught up in treating Lala and Scheana poorly and then didn’t know how to just apologize and stop it.

9. Do you think Tom Schwartz was mad at Tom Sandoval for going after Katie? He was pretty brutal to her…she definitely deserved the criticism, though.

10. The scenes for next week with Shay look really good. He’s got some major balls to want to participate in the Reunion. Or he just needs some cash money for all his “studio equipment.”

Image courtesy of Bravo.


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Vanderpump Rules Reunion Drinking Game

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Print out a copy of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion Drinking Game!

The most exciting thing about Vanderpump Rules this season (for me) was the fact that I became a card-carrying member of Team Ariana. 

Yes, that’s right, previously I hated Ariana and Tom Sandoval. Now I think they are my favorites on the show. Seriously. I even wrote an apology letter to Ariana explaining my turnaround. Read More »

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Dear Ariana {Vanderpump Rules}

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A note of apology to Ariana.



Dear Ariana,

We haven’t been on the best of terms since you joined the cast of Vanderpump Rules.

I took an immediate dislike to you, based on several things:

1. You were the girl Tom cheated with, but you guys denied it for so long.

2. Once you two were dating, you took on the persona of The Cool Girl. The one who is laid-back and chill and just wants to hang with the guys.

3. You wanted Tom to celebrate your birthday for an entire week.

4. You and Tom were too lovey-dovey for my liking.

Those things irked me, because I didn’t really think that you were The Cool Girl. I thought it was all an act.

So I chose the opposite side whenever you were in a fight with someone (#TeamScheana2015!) and I figured you would always be my Vanderpump Rules nemesis.

But oh how wrong I was.

The tides are turning on my beloved Pump Rules and I see so clearly now that YOU ARE THE COOL GIRL.

How could I have been so wrong?!

How could I have sided with those god-awful b*tches like Stassi, Kristen, Katie, and Scheana??

(Sidenote– Kristen isn’t truly bothering me this season yet, and I kind of always love Stassi deep down, but Katie is THE WORST and Scheana is taking a close second with her pathetic ass-kissing of these girls.)

But back to Ariana this season.

The case for loving her is simple:

1. She ate the butt steak.

2. Katie doesn’t care for her anymore. (A bonus in my book.)

3. She is friends with my girl Lala.

4. She is the anti-Katie/Kristen/Stassi/Scheana girl.

So Ariana, I’d like to offer my sincerest apologies for judging you prematurely.

You and Tom are turning into my favorite couple on the show and I fully support the alliance with James and Lala.

Thank you for fighting the good fight and sticking up for normal girls who don’t force their friends not to talk to people just because they don’t like them.

Keep on keepin’ on.




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Call It Like I See It {Vanderpump Rules}

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Katie picks her bridesmaids/orders them never to speak to Lala. #normal


I didn’t do anything special to ask friends to be my bridesmaids. I think I just texted them, if texting was even a thing back then.

Not so for the people of Vanderpump Rules. For them it is a big to-do.

This episode is consumed with wedding planning, but also lots of insults, apologies, and then more insults.

5 Things About Last Night’s Vanderpump Rules

5. Will you be my bridesmaid? Stassi, Kristen, and Brittany are still at the age when being chosen to be a bridesmaid is fun I guess. Katie asks them (and three of her friends who are not SURvers) to be in her wedding with fanfare that includes lots of rosé and confetti. Brittany tells everyone that things with Jax are okay, but she has been really pissed at him about spreading the rumor about her and Kristen. Says Stassi: “I don’t even look at Jax like an ex-boyfriend anymore. I just look at him like…an ape who has a really cool girlfriend.”

4. Someone call the doctor, I’m liking Ariana! I think if it comes down to a choice between Ariana and Katie, I’m picking…Ariana?! I love how she reacted to Katie’s non-invitation to be a bridesmaid. WHO CARES?! I also like anyone who sticks up for my girl Lala. Am I really #TeamAriana???

3. That practical joke…Umm, EW. That was just disgusting. I’m surprised those two didn’t change their answer about being a groomsman to “Hell, no!” I may never eat a steak again.

2. A housewarming party, too? I find it weird that you would host a housewarming party (encouraging more gifts) right before you are inviting everyone to your shower and wedding and right after you just had an engagement party. Maybe just cool it with the parties for yourselves where you act surprised and say “Ooh you brought a present!” like it’s a total shock.

1. The hypocrisy about Lala is too much. Scheana on a soapbox about Lala lying about being a whore is laughable. Don’t forget that you dated a married man, Scheana. A famous one. What does that say about YOU? Also, just because your friend Katie is mad at Lala that doesn’t mean you need to be, too. “Fall in line?” This is not doing any favors for the image of this group of girls. How can Katie watch this show back and not see that she is acting like a dictator forcing her friends to do as she says? God, she sucks.

Image courtesy of Bravo. 

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What Went Down {Vanderpump Rules}

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Jax digs a deeper hole for himself as the Kristen/Brittany rumor spreads.


It’s World Dog Day, so let’s celebrate by focusing on one of the biggest dogs around…JAX!

Brittany’s still upset that Jax is telling people that Kristen and her hooked up. Both Kristen and Brittany insist that it was just a few drunken kisses.

I tend to believe them over Jax.

Here are 5 Things About Last Night’s Vanderpump Rules… Read More »

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Summer Bodies {Vanderpump Rules}

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Season 5 kicks off and all I want is for Tom and Katie to break up.


“We’re trying to convince people that you’re not a psycho,” Stassi tells Kristen.

Isn’t that what Vanderpump Rules strives for every season?

After tonight’s premiere I wonder at what age will it be implausible for this group to still be working at SUR, arguing over who hooked up with whom, and throwing drinks at each other.

Thankfully, they haven’t hit that age limit quite yet. Maybe by 40. Read More »

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5 Things I’m PUMPED About for Vanderpump Rules Season 5

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The fifth season of Vanderpump Rules premieres on November 7. Here are 5 reasons why you should get excited!


Why do I love thee, Vanderpump Rules?

You began as a mere spinoff of my favorite Housewives franchise, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but you have become SO. MUCH. MORE.

I think it’s because Pump Rules has all the juicy drama of the Housewives with none of the obligations like marriage and kids and real jobs. So the SURvers can just flit around and make messes of their lives while we watch. #winwin

Bravo released the trailer for Season 5 yesterday and all I can say is I can’t wait for November 7. Read More »

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10 Things We Learned from The Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Part 3

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Get your recap of the ten most scintillating details from the third installment of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion!

Vanderpump Rules - Season 4

This was definitely the juiciest installment of the Reunion. I love to hear them talk about their friendship status now with each other, plus I love to hear Ariana get called out for being lame.

So it was a great episode for me!

Here are 10 Things We Learned… Read More »

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10 Things We Learned from The Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Part Two

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James and Lala come under fire in the second installment of the always scintillating Vanderpump Rules Reunion!

Vanderpump Rules - Season 4

My initial thoughts as I watched Part Two of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion…

Do we really need to see Tom Schwartz’s proposal to Katie again? Why must Lisa Vanderpump be there like a referee? Oh dear– Lala’s makeup has not improved since Part One.

Despite the fact that all the best stuff will surely come in Part Three of the Reunion, here are 10 Things We Learned from the Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Part Two: Read More »

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10 Things We Learned from The Vanderpump Rules Reunion, Part One

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It’s Part One of the Vanderpump Rules Reunion…here’s what we learned!

Vanderpump Rules - Season 4

Where did this season go?

It seems like we just met Lala and thought she was going to be a sweet addition to the show. We were so naive!

I can’t believe this amazing show doesn’t even get its own special locale for the Reunion. They have to sit on high, uncomfortable bar stools at SUR. Really, Bravo?

Here are ten things we learned from the Vanderpump Rules Reunion… Read More »

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Thoughts on Vanderpump Rules & Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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I’m still recovering from that epic three-hour Bachelor event on Monday, so here’s an abbreviated post on this week’s episodes of Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Vanderpump Rules - Season 4

We’ll start with Vanderpump Rules, which happened to be the Season 4 Finale.

I definitely feel it was the tamest of the season finales thus far, and really not all that exciting. Read More »

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Too Little, Too Late: Vanderpump Rules Recap

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Will Stassi and Katie be able to put their differences behind them? Will Ariana smile? 

Vanderpump Rules - Season 4

Yes, I realize the above picture is from last week’s episode, but as you will see, remnants from the day at the beach find their way into this week’s episode, “Too Little, Too Late,” so it’s cool.

Since there is a stomach bug raging through my house, let’s keep this short and sweet.

Here are The Ten. Ten moments from Vanderpump Rules on which I must comment… Read More »

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Bitch Ghost: Vanderpump Rules Recap

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What will Katie think when she hears Tom invited Stassi to their engagement party? Plus, Jax’s ego spins wildly out of control and threatens his relationship with Tom Sandoval.

Vanderpump Rules - Season 4

Love her or hate her, Stassi knows how to get everyone talking about Stassi.

She has been absent this whole season and yet all of a sudden we have episodes centered around Stassi the Bitch Ghost.

Whether or not you watched last night, here’s all you need to know about Vanderpump Rules last night…it’s The Ten. 

10. Lala and Stassi are friends? I like this. A lot. Screw those other bitches. So Lala lives with Danny now? What happened to Faith?  Read More »

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Pucker & Pout: Vanderpump Rules Recap

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Stassi continues her apology tour with Tom Schwartz in an attempt to get Katie’s friendship back.

Vanderpump Rules - Season 4

Do you like it quick and dirty?

Here are “The Ten.” Ten things you need to know from last night’s Vanderpump Rules episode, “Pucker and Pout.”

10. Katie is planning a launch party for her fashion blog, Pucker and Pout. She seems to be posting more often these days but when I looked at it back in the fall, her latest post had been for Earth Day. In April. She’s also not the best writer. Does this sentence make sense to anyone? “Don’t forget the crucial elements that go into a special night that you should mind hours or days before like getting fresh polish on your nails.” I do like the fresh, clean look of the site, though. Read More »

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Sex, Lies, and Stassi’s Videotape: Vanderpump Rules

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Jax faces the consequences after getting arrested for stealing a pair of sunglasses.

Vanderpump Rules - Season 4

Did you miss Vanderpump Rules last night?

Never fear– here are the only ten things you need to know about “Sex, Lies, and Stassi’s Videotape.”

10. Ariana doesn’t like to do favors for people. After dropping Jax’s suitcase off at his house, she feels that she is owed a lifetime of him not being a d*ck to her.  Read More »

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The Bitch is Back: Vanderpump Rules Recap

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Jax gets arrested for stealing sunglasses and Stassi graces us with her presence.

Vanderpump Rules - Season 4

The party continues in Hawaii, with Brittany asking Jax to please just always be honest with her from now on. Hahahahahaha.

Lala is back in her hotel room crying about Jax being such a d*ckhead and the girls telling her to keep her bikini top on. Shut up, Katie. Just have sex with Tom.

Faith, James, and Max show up to check on Lala. James thinks this is the perfect opportunity to finally get some action, so he hops into bed with Lala.  Read More »

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Leis, Liquor, and Lies: Vanderpump Rules Recap

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While in Hawaii, Brittany confronts Lala about flirting with Jax, and Scheana tells Tom Sandoval that he’s cocky and only out for himself.

Vanderpump Rules - Season 4

If you missed Vanderpump Rules this week and don’t have time to read a full recap, have no fear. I also don’t have time to write a full recap this week.

So you’re getting “The Ten.”

The ten things you need to know about this week’s Vanderpump Rules…short, sweet, and full of scandal.

Now, let’s get lei’d! Read More »

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Fully Engaged: Vanderpump Rules Recap

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The SURvers finalize plans for Hawaii to celebrate Jax and Tom Sandoval’s birthdays. Will Kristen and James get invites and ruin the party?

Vanderpump Rules - Season 4

Katie and Tom Schwartz are still basking in the glow of their engagement. They picnic in the park while discussing their non-existent sex life. Poor guy. He thinks it’s going to get better when they’re married?! Hahahaha.

Breaking news– Stassi has texted Katie a note of congratulations about the engagement. Katie says it’s all very nice but she still has zero desire to be friends with Stassi. Read More »