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My Ovarian Cyst Removal Surgery

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Percocet makes you constipated; who knew?

It’s currently Monday morning and I had my ovarian cyst removal surgery on Thursday.

I have been kind of M.I.A. on social media the past few days as I tried to “take it easy.”

Which, for a mom, doesn’t really work. As you know.

But it’s a nice thought!  Read More »


I Look Like a Turtle: RHONJ Recap

Are you dying to know how Teresa and Jacqueline’s meeting ended? Do you want to know who said, “I look like a turtle?” Keep reading your RHONJ recap to find out!

Last week, we left Teresa and Jacqueline in the midst of their sitdown. Maybe it’s because I was just watching the RHOM reunion with the fiery Miami ladies, but this storyline is just so lame. I’m over it. Either be friends or don’t- just stop talking about it. Read More »