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The Questions You Shouldn’t Ask

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Some questions are really just none of my damn business!

The Questions You Shouldn't Ask

When I was in high school, I had a running coach that I really admired.

She was fit, she was talented, she was fun…all the things that I wanted to be when I was an adult.

But I was puzzled. Read More »

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#1 Tip to Avoid Sleeping on Your Back When Pregnant

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You’re supposed to avoid sleeping on your back when you’re pregnant…here’s how to achieve that!

I always struggled with sleep when I was pregnant. I’m normally a stomach sleeper. Can’t do that, but can’t sleep on your back either!

According to the medical professionals at Parents, “when you lie belly-up, the weight of your uterus can compress a major blood vessel, called the vena cava, disrupting blood flow to your baby and leaving you nauseated, dizzy, and short of breath.” Read More »

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Baby Registry Essentials

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Find out what you NEED and what you definitely DON’T NEED when making your baby registry!

Baby Registry Essentails
Over the years I’ve had many a friend and relative ask: What do I put on my baby registry?!

I finally decided to put it in a helpful post for you to use, Pin, and share with your friends. You can even print it out! (Printable version at the bottom of this post.)

What’s great about this list is that it doubles as a list of ideas for baby shower or new baby gifts.

Now, I’m not saying that you need EVERYTHING on this list. Much of it depends on what kind of space you have in your home, whether or not you’re breastfeeding (there’s a few nursing accessories on here), and whether or not you want a lot of the baby “stuff.” Some people don’t want a vibrating baby chair. Some swear by it! So peruse through the list at your leisure and decide what among this makes up your essentials list. Read More »

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Hey You in There– Not So Fast!

Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Quote

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Let me start by saying who would’ve thought Jessica Simpson would be able to provide such words of wisdom?? Even though due to the current weather, I’m definitely not sweating. But I also definitely don’t have a glow. Just a fat face.

Anyways, I’m torn. My due date is nine days away.

On one hand, I’m so excited to finally be done being pregnant forever meet my new baby. But on the other hand, I don’t feel quite ready. 

Last night, I definitely thought that I was maybe possibly potentially going into labor. I had crampy sensations for a few hours and that’s always what my contractions have felt like– bad menstrual cramps.

At first I got excited. This is it! The wait is over! Read More »

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Pregnancy’s a Bitch (and So Am I)

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Ahh pregnancy. So amazing and wonderful, right? It’s not at all painful and annoying and uncomfortable and drags on for almost an entire year. Let’s commiserate about those dreadful last few weeks of pregnancy…

10 Sucky Things About the Last Few Weeks of Pregnancy

I have written a post about the perks of being pregnant, but now that I’m a bitter, cranky bitch with three weeks to go, I’ll write one about the ten most annoying things about being pregnant.

I’m feeling especially annoyed because the midwife told me yesterday that my due date is February 6. NOT February 4, which I had in my head for some reason.

And before you tell me to be thankful that I am having a healthy pregnancy yada, yada, yada, I get it. I am. This is just me complaining. As usual.

So here’s a list of 10 sucky things about the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Read More »

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Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist -

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If you believe what you see on Pinterest, your hospital bag is actually the size of a suitcase and needs to be filled with designer birthing gowns, books and toys for your newborn who can’t even see yet, and a white noise machine.

Don’t get me started on the fact that almost every Pin has a section on what you should be packing for your husband. Can he not handle the simple task of throwing some boxers, a clean outfit, and a toothbrush into his own backpack? I mean, honestly.

Now I’m not saying that if a designer birthing gown showed up on my doorstep, I’d turn it away. I’d pack it in my bag. But it’s not something I would call a hospital bag essential. And that’s what I tried to make this list– just the essentials. 

I polled my Facebook fan page community and got tons of responses when I inquired about hospital bag must-haves. So thank you, ladies, I couldn’t have done this post without you all!

Note: Printable version of the checklist is at the end of the post. Read More »

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Bed Rest Sounds Good Right About Now

pregnant selfie

I was 31 weeks yesterday, so nine more to go…hurray!

As I was driving to my OB appointment, I was talking to my friend on the phone.

“God, I wish the doctor would put me on bed rest. Just for like a week,” I told her. “I need a break. Bed rest sounds good right about now.”

“Just ask her to!” said my wise friend. “Make something up like your husband doesn’t help out and you’re really tired and stressed.” (HA– as if I would be making that up!) Read More »


Pregnancy Sciatica: 14 Tips for Relief

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pregnancy sciatica

I consider myself a fit, active person, so when I suddenly became sidelined by pregnancy sciatica, I was at a loss.

It hurt to walk. It hurt to run. It hurt to sit. It hurt to lay down at night.

The first time I had sciatica during pregnancy was with my second child. I visited an osteopath at my OB/GYN office several times. He attempted to help me through osteopathic manipulation. I didn’t see much relief, plus I had to be flat on my back for the treatment. Read More »


Melasma: The Mask of Pregnancy


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Two weekends ago, my sister was visiting. I hadn’t seen her in over a month.

As we were catching up, she started staring at me. “What is up with your face?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” I responded. “Oh, you mean the splotches on my forehead? That’s called melasma…the mask of pregnancy. You get it when you’re pregnant. Mine isn’t so bad and it’s only on my forehead a little.” Read More »

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It’s A…

It's a Boy

I had my twenty-week ultrasound this morning…everything is looking good and it’s a BOY! It was so funny– the technician said a minute into the exam, “I know what it is, I can see right now.”

And my husband interrupted her and goes, “Me too, it’s a girl!”

The technician goes, “Nope, it’s a boy!”

We are feeling so happy and blessed 🙂

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One Week, One Week, One Week!

Ultrasound Calendar

As I sit here writing this, there is only less than ONE WEEK until I find out the sex of Baby #3.

How do people wait until birth to find out?! I could never. I’m barely able to wait until September 19th at 8:00 A.M. (Yes, I took the first available appointment of the day!)

Confession: on Thursday, I called to try to reschedule my ultrasound to an earlier date. I lied and told the lady that I couldn’t get child care for my son on my original appointment date. Read More »

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11 Really Confusing Pregnancy Rules

This post may contain affiliate links. Read full disclosure policy here.This is a lighthearted look at pregnancy. I am not a doctor. Advice that I have read or been given by my doctor may not be the best for you, so be sure to ask your own doctor.

Why do the pregnancy rules have to be SO confusing?!

11 Really Confusing Pregnancy Rules

Ever notice how there are rules for everything now? And any rule you can find, there is always an opposite one to be found, thanks to the Internet.

Pregnancy rules are no different. There are just so many contradictions out there!

Here are some of my favorites… Read More »

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10 Things I Can’t Wait To Do After Giving Birth

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The last few weeks of pregnancy can be BRUTAL! Here are ten things I’m looking forward to once I birth this baby…

10 Things I Can't Wait to Do After Giving Birth

Less than four weeks to go until my due date and woo hoo- today I found out I’m already one centimeter dilated!

Immediately I assumed that meant I would be going into labor soon (like tomorrow)…but then I found out it can still take weeks to get to the labor stage. Sigh. Read More »


Preeclampsia: Signs & Symptoms Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

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Learn the warning signs of preeclampsia.

Tomorrow I will be participating in a walk to raise money for preeclampsia research. With only 24 hours left, I could be issuing a last-minute plea for donations to a very important cause.

But I’m not. Instead, I’d like to ask for a different kind of support:

Raising awareness.

Read More »


Pregnancy Perks

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Pregnancy…it’s not ALL bad, right? Here are the top ten pregnancy perks!

Pregnancy Perks
While lately I’ve taken to complaining to anyone who will listen that being pregnant sucks, I would like to clarify that.

It really is not all that terrible…I’m just a complainer by nature. So in order to reassure some friends I have who are a bit worried about being pregnant for nine months, I’d like to offer this list of the ten best pregnancy perks! Read More »

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My Hasty Valentine

My Hasty Valentine

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! (Did that sound as fake as it felt to type?)

For some reason I’m just not in the Valentine’s spirit this year. Usually I make some type of effort to make it a special day for my husband and I, but this year I am lacking motivation. Read More »

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Yoga, Anyone?

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Yoga, Anyone

Tonight was the first session of my ten-week Beginners’ Yoga class.

I wanted to try something new that was relaxing and healthy, and hopefully would help the sciatica pain that has been brought on by my pregnancy.

I mean, yoga while pregnant…sounds great, right?

(I have heard some people get sciatica pain in their back but mine is literally a pain in my butt…only one side, and only when I’m sitting on it, laying down, or walking…so, you know, just ALL THE TIME.) Read More »