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The Sobriety Diaries {Day 17}

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My husband is not happy with me.

My husband is not happy with The Sobriety Diaries.

First of all, let me say that during the four years I’ve been blogging, he has made a comment about my blog less than five times. 

And it’s never a good comment. It’s always something negative. Read More »

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The Bethenny Project: Chapter 5

The Bethenny Project


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Chapter 5 in I Suck at Relationships deals with what Bethenny refers to as “playing the game.” That cat-and-mouse thing you do when you’re dating and trying to entice someone.

Isn’t it funny how you get married and half the time you’re trying NOT to entice your husband? Please let me go to sleep. Please let me go to sleep. (Or is that just me?)

Still, Bethenny says that “the game doesn’t end when you get married; it just changes.” 

Her advice? Get dressed up and flirt to bring some excitement back into your marriage.  Read More »

Guilty Pleasures Marriage Relationships TV

The Bethenny Project

The Bethenny Project

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My husband and I fight fairly frequently. It’s always over something stupid and it always resolves itself rather quickly. I’m okay with this.

In fact, I find it odd when I encounter couples that say they “never fight” or are always posting sweet nothings about their husband on Facebook. (I do not identify with this phenomenon.)

So while our fights tend to blow over quickly, I’d still prefer to not have them. They stress me out, and that’s the kids’ job…not my husband’s. Read More »

RHOC TV Recaps

Kicked Out: Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

Heather Dubrow

We rejoin Tamra and Shannon in the middle of their discussion. Shannon reveals that David hasn’t slept in the bedroom with her all that often since they’ve been married. (She used to cough a lot and it would keep poor David up at night. Wah!)

As they are chatting/crying, Shannon gets a text from David. Apparently he was out at a restaurant and overheard Heather at another table discussing the email David sent Shannon.

So who told Heather?? Keep reading for the full Real Housewives of Orange County recap! Read More »

Marriage Melissa Gorga Experiment Relationships

The Melissa Gorga Experiment



Photo courtesy of NBCUniversal.

When Melissa Gorga’s book Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage came out last week, some people were disgusted. There were claims that the book promoted “marital rape” and being a submissive pushover to a tyrannical husband. (Here is Melissa’s response to the haters.)

I went to one of Melissa’s book signings, purchased the book, and met the Gorgas. I found both her and Joe to be perfectly nice, gracious individuals. Read More »

Guilty Pleasures Marriage Relationships TV

Too Much TV?

I realized over the weekend that Dancing With The Stars starts today. I got so excited, thinking about how great last season was with Shawn Johnson’s amazing dancing and the Kelly/Val are they or aren’t they relationship. But am I ready to dive into another 12-week season of four hours per week of episodes?? I just got finished with The Bachelor! I don’t know if I can handle that type of commitment again! Read More »