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Hey You in There– Not So Fast!

Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Quote

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Let me start by saying who would’ve thought Jessica Simpson would be able to provide such words of wisdom?? Even though due to the current weather, I’m definitely not sweating. But I also definitely don’t have a glow. Just a fat face.

Anyways, I’m torn. My due date is nine days away.

On one hand, I’m so excited to finally be done being pregnant forever meet my new baby. But on the other hand, I don’t feel quite ready. 

Last night, I definitely thought that I was maybe possibly potentially going into labor. I had crampy sensations for a few hours and that’s always what my contractions have felt like– bad menstrual cramps.

At first I got excited. This is it! The wait is over! Read More »

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Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist -

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If you believe what you see on Pinterest, your hospital bag is actually the size of a suitcase and needs to be filled with designer birthing gowns, books and toys for your newborn who can’t even see yet, and a white noise machine.

Don’t get me started on the fact that almost every Pin has a section on what you should be packing for your husband. Can he not handle the simple task of throwing some boxers, a clean outfit, and a toothbrush into his own backpack? I mean, honestly.

Now I’m not saying that if a designer birthing gown showed up on my doorstep, I’d turn it away. I’d pack it in my bag. But it’s not something I would call a hospital bag essential. And that’s what I tried to make this list– just the essentials. 

I polled my Facebook fan page community and got tons of responses when I inquired about hospital bag must-haves. So thank you, ladies, I couldn’t have done this post without you all!

Note: Printable version of the checklist is at the end of the post. Read More »

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To Tip Or Not To Tip?

I was cleaning out my desk drawers yesterday and came across my folder full of hospital paperwork from when I had the baby: discharge instructions, a screening for postpartum depression, information on getting the birth certificate, etc.

There was also a paper that said “Thank you from the staff of Kennedy Maternity Center for allowing us to care for you and your family!” Then it listed the names of all the nurses who cared for me during my stay. Read More »