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Pregnancy’s a Bitch (and So Am I)

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Ahh pregnancy. So amazing and wonderful, right? It’s not at all painful and annoying and uncomfortable and drags on for almost an entire year. Let’s commiserate about those dreadful last few weeks of pregnancy…

10 Sucky Things About the Last Few Weeks of Pregnancy

I have written a post about the perks of being pregnant, but now that I’m a bitter, cranky bitch with three weeks to go, I’ll write one about the ten most annoying things about being pregnant.

I’m feeling especially annoyed because the midwife told me yesterday that my due date is February 6. NOT February 4, which I had in my head for some reason.

And before you tell me to be thankful that I am having a healthy pregnancy yada, yada, yada, I get it. I am. This is just me complaining. As usual.

So here’s a list of 10 sucky things about the last few weeks of pregnancy.

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