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Friendships Revisited

For the month of July, I focused on Friendship for My Happiness Project. I wanted to make friendship a priority in my life, something that has been difficult since the birth of my children. 

I set out to complete my tasks of: remember birthdays, hang out with friends once a week, call friends more, and get rid of toxic friendships.

I must say, I did pretty well for this month. I set up an online birthday reminder system. I got together with a friend each week. I attempted to talk on the phone with a few people (hey, it’s not my fault if they don’t answer!). And I stopped pursuing relationships with those who I felt were toxic.

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On Friendship: My Happiness Project, July

My focus this month for My Happiness Project will be on Friendship. This is a topic that is so very important to me. I grew up with a wonderful group of girlfriends in middle school and high school. This group of nine has stayed close even now, fourteen years after graduating. While we may only get together as a group at weddings, showers, and the like, we still stay in frequent contact through group emails, mass texts, and phone calls. Read More »

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My Happiness Project: June Recap

Wow, this month really flew by! It’s not even technically over yet, but I’m cheating a little…

Am I happier now than at the beginning of June? Yes, definitely. Is it because I focused on Health for My Happiness Project for the month of June? Well, no. It’s because I had my adorable son and he is just perfect. How can I not be happier with this new little addition to my family? Read More »

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My Happiness Project: March

Happy First Day of March, everyone! Today marks a fresh start- a new set of happiness goals to work on for the month of March. I am feeling especially encouraged to start this new month because just yesterday, Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project and my inspiration for this project) actually responded to my email! I emailed her inquiring about doing a giveaway for her newest book, Happier at Home…never thinking in a million years that I would even hear back, let alone get a positive response from Gretchen herself! Read More »