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9 Ways to Squeeze in a Workout

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Here are nine ways to squeeze in a workout…

Last week I wrote a post called “Swim, Snack, Repeat” about the harsh reality of what I thought was going to be a relaxing summer.

At the end of the post I promised that I’d share my tips for scheduling a workout when you’re really busy or always have your kids with you. I said I’d have that post to you by Friday…last Friday. Ha!

Almost one week later, I finally have it for you. Read More »


Swim, Snack, Repeat

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Why is summer stressing me out?

While it feels (to me) like summer has been going on for months now, truthfully it has only been a few weeks.

Why is it that the prospect of summer is always way better than the reality? Read More »

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Getting Kids Excited About Yoga

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Want to know how to get your kids excited about doing yoga? Here’s how the yoga craze started in my house!

Getting Kids Excited About Yoga

“But it’s NOT FAIR!” my four-year-old whined as we climbed the stairs to her bedroom one evening.

“Well, you know, life isn’t fair,” I responded. “But tell me. What isn’t fair this time?”

She looked as despondent as if I had just informed her that I had accidentally deleted all her Sofia the First and The Winx Club episodes from the DVR. Read More »

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The Sock Problem

Ben knocking over water

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All signs pointed to the fact that it would indeed be a “yell-y” day, as my four-year-old calls it.

It was Monday, first of all. I had gotten barely any sleep the night before. I don’t know why. It was just one of those nights where I tossed and turned and was awake way too much. 

The baby had a bad cold so he was up at 4:45 A.M. to start the day. Yay! 

The kitchen was not clean and tidy like I like it be when I wake up in the morning, so that was bothering me, too.  Read More »

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Charity Miles

Charity Miles

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Several weeks ago I wrote about Running Tips for Beginners and today I’m sharing a way to make your runs (or walks) even more worthwhile…through the Charity Miles app!

Charity Miles logs your mileage when you’re walking, running, or biking and then participating companies donate money (based on how far you go) to the charity of your choice. It’s so simple.

Walking/running earns up to 25 cents per mile, while biking earns up to 10 cents per mile. If you log a lot of miles each week, the donations add up…and it’s not coming from your pocket. This is a great way to give back when you just don’t have the extra cash in your budget to support charities as much as you’d like.

Here’s how you can use Charity Miles today to start earning your favorite charity money…

Step 1. Download the free Charity Miles app (available for Apple and android devices). Read More »

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New Month, New Mood

New Month1

Trying to leave for my run this morning. Why do they make it so hard to get out the door alone?!

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I feel like I’ve been all over the place lately. Blame the pregnancy hormones or maybe it’s just crazy old me!

Anyway, I want to bring some structure back to my life. I want the important things to take priority. Like exercising. Read More »

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Bring On Summer!

Bring On Summer

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Do you believe that I actually got a sunburn on Sunday?! Yep. The first summery weather all year and I wear a tank top to a carnival in the hot midday sun, leaving me with red shoulders.

I don’t care, because all that means is SUMMER IS COMING! Read More »

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Hosting a Healthy Bachelor Finale Party

Hosting a Bachelor Finale Party

The following is a guest post written by Kayla Vashti for The Naughty Mommy.

Hi everyone! I am normally blogging over at Variety by Vashti about motherhood, healthy food, fitness and my obsession with coffee, but I’m so excited to be here as a guest for you today!

I have been itching to do this guest post for Lindsay even though this is totally out of my realm because I don’t watch The Bachelor

Read More »

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The Naughty Mommy’s Lazy Guide to Being Healthy

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No excuses…here’s the lazy guide to being healthy!

lazy guide healthy
This winter has been brutal. I have tried to keep up with my exercising, but I’m failing miserably.

I had been taking my dog for a quick one or two mile run everyday, even in the snowy weather. About two weeks ago, it got way too icy for me.

I set out with Toby and found that there was no good place to step. The streets were icy. Sidewalks were icy. The easement strips were covered in snow that sank down with every step I took. Fun! Read More »