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5 Reasons Why Paul Should Win {Big Brother}

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I’m rooting for Paul to win tonight. Here are five reasons why.


Tonight is the grand Big Brother 18 finale. Don’t get me started on the fact that it starts at 9:30 P.M. like some of us don’t have kids who wander in our bedrooms at 5:33 A.M.

But I’ll survive.

Here are the 5 Reasons Why Paul Should Win Big Brother tonight…

1. He was loyal to Victor throughout the game and people like to reward loyalty. I loved when Paul won the HOH comp immediately after Victor left and instead of thinking of his own safety, his first reaction is “This one’s for you, Victor!”

2. He wins comps when it counts. He also ditches his partners when it counts. While the P.P. partnership worked out for awhile, as soon as Paul saw that Paulie was spiraling out of control, he cut the cord. Smart move.

3. He evaded eviction numerous times. Who else was nominated six times (I think) and remained in the house? No one.

4. He spoke his mind throughout the season. Paul wasn’t there to mess around. He wasn’t fake to people and his true personality made it to the end.

5. This is his first time playing Big Brother, unlike his other Final 3 competitors. I do find some validity in the argument of “You had your chance already.”

Possible Reasons Why Paul Should’t Win

1. He called Michelle the C-word, which doesn’t really bother me because I think Michelle dished it out too.

2. He can be very abrasive.

3. He’s annoying.

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Someone’s Missing From the 8-Pack

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How is this person NOT in the Big Brother 8-Pack?


Things were looking good for Paulie initially. All the girls had crushes on him, he had the knowledge passed down to him from little brother Cody, and he seemed to be teaming up with Nicole and the other veterans.

Nicole suggested Paulie be the pawn for this week, in an attempt to take out Jozea. Read More »

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Big Brother Season 18 Premiere: Some Thoughts

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Some thoughts on the premiere episode of Big Brother’s Season 18…

Big Brother

This is only my third season of watching Big Brother but if you want to get a feel for my BB style, I liked Zankie and Johnny Mac and I hated Vanessa and Becky.

I also loved Caleb and James.

There was nothing particularly amazing about last night’s episode, but here are some thoughts on the Big Brother Season 18 premiere… Read More »


Who Won Big Brother?

A Hot Cup of Reali-Tea

I can’t believe I really even have to say this, but SPOILER ALERT! I will be discussing the Big Brother finale in this post.

I have been kind enough to put it at the end, just in case you accidentally open the post and didn’t want to see who won Big Brother.

Other than that, all we have to talk about is a less than juicy ep of RHONJ comprised of the travel day of the Florida trip plus some filler material courtesy of Jacqueline and Kathy. Read More »

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Amber’s Shirt

A Hot Cup of Reali-Tea

This week was kind of light on the reality TV fodder. I guess it is right before all the new fall shows start, so there’s a dwindling supply of Housewives until RHOBH and RHOA come back.

Speaking of dwindling Housewives, I’ve been thinking lately about whether or not I’d welcome Bethenny back to RHONY

With Aviva gone, there’s a spot open. Bethenny’s talk show is cancelled, so it’s not like she has other stuff going on. Plus we know that she craves the spotlight, so even though she has previously denied she would ever come back to RHONY…I have to wonder if she would! Read More »