Swim, Snack, Repeat

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Why is summer stressing me out?

While it feels (to me) like summer has been going on for months now, truthfully it has only been a few weeks.

Why is it that the prospect of summer is always way better than the reality?

In my mind, summer is a relaxing two months of no school, no alarm clocks, and no schlepping to gymnastics class.

It is hot, sunny days at the pool, followed by happy, tired kids who go to bed early after we eat a healthy dinner from the grill.

The reality?

There may not be school, but there are swim lessons! And camp! And ballet class! So we are still scrambling in the mornings. Still schlepping!

A trip to the pool requires a massive bag loaded with regular diapers, swim diapers, spray sunscreen, face sunscreen, clothes for the ride home, towels, snacks…OH THE SNACKS!

Heaven forbid I don’t pack Goldfish, cookies, Pirate’s Booty, and special juice boxes with Minions on them. I do this in hopes of avoiding the pool snack bar, but they still end up begging to go there at least five times per visit.

Making the snack situation worse is the fact that my pool has an adult swim period for the last fifteen minutes of every hour. Mind you, no adults ever go in at this point. The only adults crazy enough to be at the pool are there with their kids!

I’m convinced that this mandatory adult swim every hour is designed to drum up sales for the snack bar. It has instilled a pattern in every child at the pool– swim for 45 minutes, then go eat snacks for 15 minutes. And repeat.

After a few rounds of this, we head home and all my kids fall asleep in the car. My two-year-old doesn’t transfer well to his bed from the car, so this totally screws up nap time and leaves him a cranky mess until he goes to bed.

And healthy dinners on the grill? Please. It’s too hot to grill! Also, I suck at it. And if we waited for my husband to get home to do it, we wouldn’t eat til 6:30.

So let’s just face it– summer is just as stressful as the school year. 

Coming to terms with this was hard for me. I thought summer was supposed to be smooth sailing.

But in the past few weeks I’ve found something that is helping me cope.

No, it’s not wine. (Although that helps.)

No, it’s not Jesus.


I have always enjoyed working out, but have only recently made a commitment to it. 

When I start my day with a run or yoga or a weightlifting session, I just feel accomplished

And I’m just gonna say– if you are feeling down, or unmotivated, or frazzled, or anything negative, why not make the decision to start exercising? 

It’s easy to start. Just go for a walk. Pop the kids in a stroller or leave them with a babysitter. 

One of my tricks I’ve been using this summer to make sure I get a workout in is going early. Like really early…before my husband leaves for work. 

My kids are still sleeping at that point, so it’s really a perfect time for me to ensure that I’m getting the best start to my day. 

On Friday I’ll share other tips I have for scheduling in a workout when you are really busy or always have your kids around. 

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