The Sobriety Diaries {Day 23}

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If you decided to cut back on drinking, would you have a support system?

Thursday is always the unofficial start to the weekend in my house.

It feels like you’ve almost made it through the week, plus my husband has off every other Friday from work.

Even during the times when I don’t drink during the week and only do it on the weekends, that means I can drink on Thursdays.

So Thursdays are hard. As are Fridays and Saturdays. And Sundays.

My two-year-old got shit all over the bathroom when he tried to go by himself.

(He had locked me out of the bathroom at the time.)

So that was fun. 

I really wanted a drink.

Dinnertime was a little better than it has been, even though I did get really annoyed at my husband over something dumb.

My solution was to leave the room, go upstairs and lay down on my bed for a minute. Then I returned to the table and finished my dinner.

Ordinarily I probably would have sulked for at least twenty minutes or turned it into a full-blown argument. #smallimprovement

I’m reading about how important it is to have like-minded individuals around you when you’re trying to curb your drinking.

Or at least, have people around who, even if they do drink, are still able to see excessive drinking as a problem.

I think I have that with my friends in Virginia.

In my eyes, we are all pretty much at the same level of partying.

Sometimes we go a little too far with the drinking, but then we acknowledge it’s time to reign it in a bit.

No one makes anyone feel bad about the nights where we act dumb or look stupid.

It’s kind of a We’ve all been there mentality.

At the same time, my friends have all been super-supportive of me not drinking the past 25 days (but who’s counting??).

While it’s true they would prefer me to be drinking with them, no one has ever tried to pressure me to have a glass of wine with them.

Also, at least three of my friends have decided to try to cut back on drinking with me. So that’s good, too.

It’s funny– one of the questions that the book asks is if you spend time with anyone who is a non-drinker.

I probably have less than five friends who do not drink.

And if I’m being honest, knowing that someone is a non-drinker leads me to believe that I probably wouldn’t be close friends with that person right off the bat.

I have definitely been proven wrong about that in the past, which is a good thing.

Last year I met another kindergarten mom in my neighborhood and I found out she never drank. I figured that we wouldn’t end up being friends because of that.

Lo and behold, that woman was one of the nicest people I have come across since moving to Virginia. 

Unfortunately she has since moved away, but the experience really made me look at how I judge people based on their drinking habits. Which is a dumb thing to do.

It also shows that alcohol was playing a huge role in my life if it was affecting who I decided to be friends with.

That is kind of embarrassing, but I’m glad I am noticing these other small effects of alcohol in my life, other than hangovers.

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