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Smitten Sun Kitten: Real Housewives of Orange County Recap

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Shannon Beador

Shannon and David are still outside the restaurant in Mexico, trying to mend fences. David tells Shannon that she shouldn’t care what other people think of them.

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They rejoin Vicki, Brooks, Vicki’s brother, and Vicki’s brother’s lady friend inside and Brooks leads a toast about your past not defining your future. Well of course, Brooks thinks like that.

The young couples head to Vicki’s favorite Mexican party bar and whoop it up. Woo-hoo!

At CUT Fitness, there is a managerial pow-wow going on between Eddie, Tamra, Ryan, and Astro. The problem: Eddie made a dumb decision when designing the studio. He thought putting wood planks over cushioned floor would be a really cool flooring solution. It is not. Now they need to fix it, but Eddie is acting like a brat who doesn’t want to take the blame for his mistake. 

As a result of the flooring situation, Ryan feels that they can’t justify the membership price increases. 

The Dubrow family dines out for dinner, but little Collette is not quite ready for public eating. Thankfully the nanny rushes in to swoop the kids out the door for frozen yogurt. This frees up Heather and Terry to talk about the important stuff– getting a dog.

Heather used to say that they should get a rescue dog (everyone should), but now she is worried about “allergies” and the dog’s “genealogy.” She suggests getting a pedigreed dog, but still making a sizeable donation to the animal rescue. Terry gets it– they will get the fancy dog, but relieve their guilt by making a donation to the shelter. Heather is completely offended by this characterization of her idea, even though that is exactly what she is doing.

Lizzie and her sales rep bring Sun Kitten swimwear line to a hoity-toity Orange County bathing suit shop. They love Lizzie’s stuff! Hooray! No padding in the tops! Skimpy, ruched bottoms for all!

The Mexico crew goes horseback riding. Vicki arranges for the Beadors to have a romantic lunch by themselves. Their discussion goes from happy to tear-filled in the first 60 seconds. Shannon doesn’t recognize her husband anymore. She feels like they are roommates. David is f%$^ing done wasting his life. He wants to f#$%ing be happy!

Shannon tells him she doesn’t believe that he loves her. He responds that he just wants to be happy. Does he mean divorce, asks Shannon? David clarifies that he is not unhappy every day (just 99% of them). He then tells her he does love her, but he doesn’t know if he can make her happy. They agree they have a lot of healing and forgiving to do.

Tamra and Eddie get the results of taking care of Astro. Shocker– they find out that Tamra did most of the work AND they failed at soothing the baby. No more babies for Tamra, who is pushing 50 as it is. Lamest fake storyline ever.

Back in Mexico, the foursome is out to dinner. Brooks asks David who his favorite couple and least favorite couple are. David says that it’s hard to like Tamra and Eddie after Tamra’s betrayal. Brooks agrees that yeah, Tamra is a bitch and she did that to him and Vicki, too.

The Dubrows get two little fluffy doggies, because rental homes are the perfect place to potty-train a dog. That Heather is a smart cookie.

Tamra stops by Vicki’s office so they can catch up on Mexico, Astro, and the drama with Shannon.

Tamra gives Vicki her side of the story, which does sound logical.

Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson

 Photos courtesy of Bravo.

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  • laura
    July 8, 2014 at 11:13 AM

    Next week – we are at a dinner party at Lizzie’s?! The host is unclear. But there is MAJOR DRAMA between the Dubrows and Beadors. (Insert Terry’s weird penis comment to David.) And it looks like Lizzie is in tears – guess we’ll see 🙂

    • Lindsay
      July 9, 2014 at 8:18 AM

      Oh right, thank you! Shannon has another meltdown!

  • Karla T.
    July 9, 2014 at 4:57 PM

    I FREAKING LOVE LIZZIE. And you know that I love no one on any of these shows, per se. Lizzie is just so me…pushing forward, trying to be everything to everybody and asking for tips along the way. The honest way she is just so refreshing. I hope that she can stay the same. It was like Nene in the beginning. Loved her humble honesty, then she turned into…um. I dunno, a different Nene.

  • Diana Martinez
    July 10, 2014 at 6:40 AM

    I just want someone to drag Heather by the hair and mop the floor with her. She deserves it.

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