Scary Things!

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Yesterday I faced my fears and crossed two SCARY things off my 2018 To-Do list!

So…I don’t know what came over me yesterday (I wasn’t even drinking wine!), but I made the decision to face my fears and I did two really scary things.

1. I used my Instant Pot for the first time.


2. I did my first Facebook Live video on my blog’s Facebook page.

In case you missed the video, you can watch it below, but basically the story goes like this.

I got the Instant Pot from my in-laws as a Christmas gift. Not this past Christmas, but the Christmas before that.

That’s right. I have had a brand-new Instant Pot sitting in a box in my kitchen since December of 2016.

Why didn’t I use it?

Truth be told, I was intimidated by it. 

There is a myth about pressure cookers that they can explode. I don’t want an explosion in my kitchen. (Does anyone?)

I also assumed it would be complicated. I’m not a patient person.

Therefore, I left it in its box for almost a whole year before moving it into a cabinet two months ago. #progress

Then this  Christmas, I got an air fryer…which put my husband over the edge.


I promised I would start using them both and find place in the cabinets for them to fit. 

I decided I’d start with the Instant Pot. I found a seemingly easy first meal to make, Cajun Chicken and Rice.

Lord knows why I decided to try this on an afternoon when I had two extra kids at my house, but sometimes I make dumb choices.

Anyway, this recipe actually was really simple and despite me nervously hovering over the Instant Pot the entire time and yelling at my husband when he tried to distract me, I think it went well.

And when I say this was the first time I used it, I mean the literal first time.

I didn’t do the boiling water test or make an egg or anything.

I took each piece out of its plastic wrapping moments before putting my ingredients in it.

I liked the Instant Pot for its ability to prepare the entire meal in one pot. 

It still took a decent amount of time.

Other recipes swear that you will cook frozen meat or chicken in a crazy-short amount of time, but I haven’t tried that yet. 

As for the meal, I thought it was delicious. I did put a little too much Cajun spices on it for my kids’ liking, and it needed salt, but I really liked it.

My husband (who doesn’t offer up praise for food unless asked) begrudgingly said it was good. 

I will definitely be using it again and if you’re a person who is tempted to buy an Instant Pot but are a little afraid, hopefully I proved that it’s not too scary.

What was scary was doing the Facebook Live video. But I’m so glad I forced myself to do it, because I think I need to put myself out there on a more personal level.

And what better way to do that than to see how awkward I am whilst filming a live video??

Hopefully we can do some more fun Facebook Live videos, like happy hour ones or chatting about Vanderpump Rules or The Bachelor!

**Note: Of course the Instant Pot I have has been discontinued (because I got it so long ago!), so the one pictured above and linked to in the post is the newer model and not the exact one I have.**

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