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RHOC Reunion, Part 3: Recap

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We begin Part 3 of the Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion and we are still in the thick of the Vicki/Brooks mess…and I’m starting to feel a little bad for Vicki.

Here’s the thing– Vicki is not the enemy, right? Brooks is.

Have these women never been in a toxic relationship where you are duped by a guy you thought was great but in reality he is a douchebag? I mean, we know Tamra has with Simon. She should understand. 

Then you have Meghan (married to Jim Edmonds) and Shannon (married to David). Surely those ladies could understand making concessions for a man you’re married to who doesn’t always behave “the best.” And yes, I know, those guys aren’t on par with someone who fakes a serious illness, but still. I wish they would cut Vicki some slack.

Anyway, we open with Andy telling Brianna that Brooks blames her for the demise of his relationship with Vicki. Is that accurate? Brianna says yes, because she calls Brooks out on his lies, so if that causes his relationships to fail then so be it.

We next go down a list of times Brooks has faked cancer in the past.

Tamra recalls a time when she and Vicki were in Hawaii and Brooks was claiming to have cancer…and then he found out he didn’t have it. (Example #1.)

There was also that time that Vicki left Donn because she wanted to explore a relationship with a friend who was “dying” of pancreatic cancer. That was Brooks. And it turned out he had pancreatitis, NOT pancreatic cancer. (Example #2.)

So is this current time Example #3? Everyone seems to believe YES.

Andy presents the ladies’ claims to Brooks (in his one-on-one interview), who has flimsy, confusing answers for everything. Basically, he says that everyone else (especially Brianna) is making up stories about him.

The women are adamant that Vicki knew that Brooks was faking cancer this whole time. Which I do not buy.

Vicki tries to shut it down by saying that she doesn’t have any proof that Brooks does have cancer, nor does she have proof that he does not have cancer.

“I do!” says Shannon, who then whips out her own report from Newport Imaging. “THIS is what a PET-CT scan report is supposed to look like.” Or something like that. 

The other ladies nod in agreement. Not nodding in agreement about this? Brooks.

We flip back to Andy’s one-on-one interview in which Brooks (when asked why there are so many discrepancies in his cancer story) is now claiming that “Vicki misspoke quite a bit.” Brooks supposes that Vicki did this in order to gain sympathy.

And what does Brooks have to say to Meghan? “F*** off.”

Vicki eventually admits that she fabricated the story about Terry Dubrow’s friend coming over in the middle of the night to administer an I.V. drip to Brooks when he was sick from chemotherapy. She says she made this up in order to gain sympathy from her friends and to be like, “See? He really does have cancer!”

Ironically, she was doing this because she was starting to have doubts of her own about the realness of Brooks’ cancer.

Yet she STILL claims that she believes Brooks has cancer. (This time.)

Heather wants to know what dirt Brooks has on Vicki. No one can understand why Vicki refuses to out him. 

Vicki does say that she is scared of Brooks. Brianna then says that Brooks physically and verbally abused Vicki, but Vicki says it was only verbal.

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY -- "Reunion" Episode 1020 -- Pictured: (l-r) Vicki Gunvalson, Andy Cohen -- (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)

Shannon wants to know why she is the one being thrown under the bus when she was the most supportive friend to Vicki. Vicki doesn’t really have a good answer for this.

When pressed by Andy and the ladies, Vicki FINALLY makes a shocking statement that is not really all that shocking.

“My gut says that he doesn’t have cancer,” Vicki states. She says that she has had these suspicions for about three months now. Well duh.

Andy wants to know why Vicki seems so disconnected…is it the Xanax that she took before the Reunion?

Brianna thinks that Vicki is in a state of shock over what Brooks has done to her life. Personally, I think Vicki is just defeated. She knew it would be her vs. the rest of the women today and she prepared herself for that. (With several Xanaxes.)

Brianna also says that these past two weeks have been the best relationship she’s ever had with her mother since she started dating Brooks. Now that they are broken up, Brianna was able to go home and stay in Vicki’s house with her kids. 

Does everyone think Vicki and Brooks will remain broken up? Most believe that they will get back together, unfortunately. Andy reveals that when he said goodbye to Brooks in NYC after taping the one-on-one, Brooks told him, “You’ll never see me again.” (Let’s hope so.)

The Reunion ends with everyone basically unsatisfied with Vicki’s apologies, but resigned to accepting that she did admit a little culpability.

Brooks Tells All, the full one-on-one with Andy Cohen, airs November 12 on Bravo. Will YOU be watching?!

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