Hearing Problems: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

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The women spend some time at Kathryn’s home in San Diego, but things get ugly when discussing Kim Richards.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 6

It’s always amusing to watch the current Housewives attempt to gauge exactly how much money a new Housewife has. Their beady little eyes peer into cars and houses as they wonder…Is she a Brandi Glanville? Or a Heather Dubrow? 

And I’m not even sure which they would prefer, because while they like their friends to be as “comfortable” as they are, they also don’t want them to be more “comfortable.” Ahem, Adrienne Maloof.

So when a bus shows up to take the girls from downtown San Diego to Kathryn’s vacation home, Lisa Vanderpump is all, “Why are we taking a bus?”

But then she steps inside and realizes that it’s a fancy tour bus for Erika Jayne. Ohhhh. Well this is okay then. Erika has sufficiently impressed Vanderpump with her lavishness.

Now when they get to Kathryn’s San Diego house, which is gorgeous, by the way, Vanderpump (and the rest of the ladies) appears to be satisfied with the level of opulence. “It’s not overly grand, it’s very comfortable,” says Vanderpump. 

As the ladies sit down for a quick brunch in the indoor/outdoor grand-but-not-too-grand dining area, the title of the episode comes into play. “Hearing Problems.”

So we know that Kathryn has told us she has hearing loss in one of her ears, but I’m wondering if Lisa Rinna suffers from it, as well. 

After Eileen quickly gets to the bottom of the Who Told Yolanda What Kyle & Lisa Vanderpump Said About The Kids Mystery (it was Erika), the women discuss their salads. Because eating and what one eats (or doesn’t eat) is a popular topic in Beverly Hills. 

Rinna is jokingly accused of never eating (but Kathryn says in her confessional that it’s true, Rinna just pushes her food around and takes baby bites) and says that she has heard this before. #shocker

Where has Rinna heard that she doesn’t eat? Why, from Kim Richards, of course. How convenient, because this seems to be Rinna’s favorite topic of conversation this season AND the single reason why I no longer am a fan of hers.

Because Kim told Rinna to “eat a piece of bread” last season, Rinna brings up the whole Kim situation, even though Kyle is sitting right there and even though Kyle says at least 73 times that she does NOT want to talk about Kim.

“Because she’s suffering from an illness,” interjects Kathryn. Ummm or how about because she’s Kyle’s sister who is in and out of jail/rehab/Target stealing sprees and Kyle just doesn’t want to air that particular dirty laundry on TV? They are, after all, Kim’s demons. Not Kyle’s. 

Rinna can’t take the hint, so Kyle finally gets up and leaves the table. “I’m sorry, Kyle,” says Rinna, as Kyle walks away and Vanderpump follows her.

Sorry for what? Because you can’t control your mouth? JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT KIM.

Talk about Harry Hamlin. Talk about your lip injections. Talk about when you were on Melrose Place. You can literally talk about anything except two topics: Kim Richards and whether or not Yolanda and her children have Lyme disease. Yet these are your two favorite topics.

Rinna has taken her “involvement” in any type of Kim Richards “situation” and blown it incredibly out of proportion. She needs to seriously get over it.

Eileen tries to explain that it’s hard for them NOT to talk about Kim, because she’s interwoven in so many topics, so when Rinna is asked about being anorexic, Kim has to come up.

Listen, I highly doubt Kim Richards is the only person who has accused Rinna of not eating. Learn some etiquette. Just say, “Yes, I’ve heard that before.” And move on.

Kathryn gets defensive because her father was an addict who killed himself when Kathryn was 13. She cries, which makes Erika like her more.

Kyle and Vanderpump return to the table. Kyle explains that things between her and Kim are slowly getting better, so she can’t participate in these Kim-bashing sessions. 

The trip ends. We see Yolanda and David being lovey-dovey, as she tells him she packed his bag for him. “That’s all I can do for you,” she says. Which is probably why they got divorced. David just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to stand by an ailing wife through a chronic illness like Lyme disease. 

Erika and Tom are having Lisa and Ken over for some drinks before they go out to dinner. The Girardis don’t have any rosé, so Lisa slums it and has regular champagne. Lisa gets a mini-tour of the house, including the chapel.

The dinner goes well, minus the part where Tom belittles Erika. He basically tells her to shut up when she is merely adding to his point. It doesn’t upset her, and everyone leaves happy. Erika is happy that her husband is stupid rich and Lisa is happy that Tom Girardi thinks she is a “worthy opponent.”

Oh dear. What has happened to Adrienne Maloof’s face? Adrienne meets Kyle for lunch. They are able to discuss Kim without Kyle freaking out…because Adrienne actually had a friendship with Kim. 

Kyle cries to Adrienne about not being able to spend the holidays with Kim. Now they are doing everything separately.

Rinna is at home showing her daughters poems written by her sister who overdosed when Rinna was a child. To me, it seems like a ploy to demonstrate to the viewers that Rinna has a reason to be talking about Kim Richards all the time, when I believe that she does not have a reason.

But enough about addiction and family drama. Let’s have a good, old-fashioned hillbilly BBQ at the Girardi residence. 

Erika is glammed out. Kyle is dressed down. Eileen is wearing a cutout bikini dress. And there are lots of naked gay dudes running around. Ken, Donny, and Mauricio attend, too.

Rinna is scared shitless because she has heard that Yolanda is on the warpath about the Munchausen comments. Again. Apparently, Yolanda has recently looked up the definition of the term and is pissed.

Oh boy is she pissed. Rinna finally gets her confrontation. Yolanda explodes that Rinna has no right to put “Yolanda has Munchausen’s” out in the universe. Rinna insists she never said that; someone else told her.

Erika demands that Rinna reveal who told her. Rinna will not, because the person is not there to defend herself. Also, she says that Yolanda doesn’t even know the person.

It is then that Vanderpump decides to point out that it’s difficult for them to understand Yolanda’s illness when there are “discrepancies,” such as Yolanda saying that she hasn’t walked or ran in a year, but then she was running around Beverly Hills doing the scavenger hunt with them last year.

Yolanda laughs this off, like give me a f*cking break– I have good days and bad days.

“I just want to know that I’m surrounded by a group of girls who has my back,” says Yolanda.

Yolanda and Rinna hug and everyone says they will move forward and support Yolanda from here on out. But next week, it is brought up again. By Yolanda. So…

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  • Karla T
    February 18, 2016 at 3:21 PM

    Oh how I have missed my morning dish! I can’t believe I have been away so long. Here are my reflections, because I obviously do not have a life.

    1. All of their homes are beautiful. When you compare them to any other housewife’s house, they all win. They need to totally get over the one upping.
    2.. Why do I love Erika so much? She is just so comfortable in who she is. It doesn’t matter what her husband says. You can tell he adores her and you can tell that she knows how to get her way. She minds not what he says and how he says it, like most wives. I’m totally her poor, best friend, in my head.
    3. Who cares if Kim steals stuff? Jax steals stuff too. They should go to celebrity rehab together.
    4. I have this love/hate relationship with Lisa Rinna. On one hand, she is the endearing friend that you always want to hang with. Then she turns around and says that you are faking an illness and you want to punch her in the throat. She can’t have it both ways. Then again, she is a professional actress…this could be her best role yet. After the Depends commercial, that is.

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