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Objection, Your Honor: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

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Erika throws a dinner party so the ladies can meet Tom. It does not go well.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 6

It’s Erika Jayne’s turn to host a Real Housewives dinner party. Oh wait, I’m sorry. It’s Erika Girardi’s turn.

She will be having all the ladies (plus Ken and minus Kyle and Eileen) over to her home to meet Tom.

Yolanda begs out at the last minute, claiming she is ill. That’s probably for the best, since Yolanda is at the heart of much the current controversies in the group. Perhaps it will now be a peaceful meal?

Lisa Vanderpump is also a bit wary of being at Erika’s I think…she reminds Erika that she has another dinner at 9:00 P.M., so she’ll be excusing herself early. 

Tom finally makes an appearance and the ladies greet him as if he’s Erika’s elderly grandfather who is hard of hearing. 

The dinner begins, with Kathryn in rare form. I’m not sure if she’s had one too many cocktails or she’s just trying to make her impression felt as a new cast member or what, but she starts to systematically insult every person in the room.

She starts by making at least three comments to Lisa Rinna about her not eating. Your typical “Oh, she doesn’t eat” and “You need to eat two breadsticks” crap that Rinna hears all the time, I’m sure.

But tonight it’s bothering Rinna. She tells Kathryn to knock it off. Kathryn does not.

Next up, Kathryn is obnoxious while speaking to Tom and Erika. She interrupts, she is aggressive, and she is loud.

Kathryn describes this behavior as her being “passionate and opinionated when getting her point across.”

Anyway, the heart of Kathryn’s point? Argument? I don’t really know what she’s trying to accomplish, but what she is loudly trying to say is that SHE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND WHY ERIKA WON’T BE BEST FRIENDS WITH HER. 


“Do you guys do this all the time?” asks Tom. Unfortunately, yes.

Kathryn insists that Erika is “losing this argument,” but the opposite is true.

A tag team of Erika and Rinna get Kathryn to admit that the reason she told LVP that Erika said she “spins a web” (which she never actually said) was to “get a reaction.”

Erika notes that the only reactions to come out of it are: hurting LVP’s feelings and making Erika not trust Kathryn. Great job, Kathryn!

Thank God Rinna is being the cool Rinna from last season and helping Erika out. 

The dinner ends when LVP has to leave, but all the ladies actually exit because it’s awkward as hell.

Oh and the promo when Tom says “You have to leave” was a lie…he wasn’t ordering someone to go, he just says it when LVP says she has to go to her next event. Those tricksters! I really wanted Kathryn to get kicked out.

The ladies separately recap what happened the next day. Erika gives Kyle the actual story, while Erika tells her husband an edited version, ending with a lie that the other ladies told her to be more feminine. 

Kathryn, no one needs you to be more “feminine.” We need you to be appropriate. Polite. Not a backstabbing bitch.

Rinna and Eileen meet on the beach to discuss their argument from the week before. Eileen is annoyed that Rinna defended LVP in the whole “LVP is a master web-spinner” situation.

Rinna’s response is that LVP does manipulate people. In fact, LVP encouraged Rinna to say the “Yolanda has Munchausen’s” on camera. Rinna also adds that LVP and Kyle have had text conversations back and forth laughing about Yolanda faking her illness.

Rinna is also mad that Yolanda missed dinner at Erika’s because she was tired from going to lunch with Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville that same day. Who cares, Rinna?!

Finally, Rinna states that Yolanda is the most manipulative of all the ladies. Well this scene shouldn’t cause any problems with LVP, Kyle, and Yolanda!

Kathryn goes for a hearing test. She has no hearing in one ear and fading hearing in the other one. I feel like she’s going to blame her hearing for why she is loud and aggressive at dinner parties.

Yolanda, looking like she hates life, has Kyle over to her house. Not even fresh flowers and a homemade latte can make Yolanda smile. Kyle wants to discuss the email and why Yolanda sent it to everyone in the group.

They squash their beef relatively quickly and agree to move on. 

Now it’s time to go build a house for Habitat for Humanity, as organized by Mauricio. Kyle, Mauricio, LVP, Rinna, Erika, Kathryn, Donnie, and Eileen all attend.

LVP makes numerous web jokes but Erika is over it. Eileen asks Erika how the dinner party was. Erika tells her it was awful and that Kathryn was so rude. Eileen thinks confronting this issue head-on would be the best tactic. Let’s bring Kathryn over! Great idea, Eileen. #not

Erika gets her yelling out at Kathryn, who apologizes but claims that really, these women are just too sensitive. Erika is going to give her a second chance, but not a third.

OMG. Kathryn is the worst. She is lacking in some important social graces that one needs to be a girlfriend. I can do without her next season, Andy Cohen…

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