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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion, Part Two: Recap

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Yolanda breaks down in tears, plus Kim Richards takes the stage.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 6

I almost skipped watching this one, because I’m assuming all the good stuff will be in the third installment of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion.

But I watched anyway. Couldn’t help myself! If only to see Rinna dig herself deeper and deeper and deeper into a hole…

Here are ten things we learned during Part 2 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion:

10. Lisa Rinna has just accused Lisa Vanderpump of saying “There goes our f*cking storyline!” about Yolanda being sick…although I’m slightly confused as to how Harry Hamlin’s supposed comment of “We need to rally around Yolanda” would mean that her “storyline” was over. Unless the “storyline” was to be mean to Yolanda?

9. LVP denies the accusation. Yolanda admits that it’s possible that LVP could have said that, because she has lost faith in her this season. Rinna is angry LVP won’t admit it, so Rinna half storms off stage I think just because she wants people to see her standing up in her dress and also she wants to be dramatic. #failing

8. We get some clarity regarding LVP saying that Mohammed claimed Bella and Anwar didn’t have Lyme disease. What he really said was in response to LVP asking how the kids were…and he said “Fine.” Yet another thing blown out of proportion. LVP and Mohammed were not speaking at the time of the Reunion. I read recently that they have started talking again.

7. Kim Richards comes out on stage. She tries to resolve her issues with Rinna, but Rinna refuses to admit that she has been in the wrong for all the nasty things she has said about Kim. 

6. Kim says that legally she can’t talk about the Target shoplifting trip. Are you serious?! That’s literally all I want to hear about from Kim is why she had $600 worth of toys in her cart. Was she going to donate them? Play with them? The people need to know!

5. Rinna can’t think of any way to defend her “rage” over Yolanda not attending Erika’s dinner party. “It had nothing to do with you!” counters Yolanda. Rinna is losing this Reunion all over the place. 

4. “How did the affair start?” Yes, we have to deal with this conversation again. My thoughts on this– LVP knew what she was doing by wording it that way. It was shady and rude. However, Eileen needed to get over it like, last year, because she is the one who looks like an idiot now.

3. Everyone comes to the consensus that LVP likes to share details about others’ lives but won’t reveal details about her own.

2. One of LVP’s blogs comes up in which she said that she didn’t understand why Eileen brought up being abused. LVP says she, too, was physically abused but doesn’t see the point in reliving it. #wayharsh

1. Some final thoughts…Brandi is on the final installment next week. (Why?) And in slightly related but mostly unrelated news, I think Andy Cohen would make a fabulous co-host for Kelly Ripa

Image courtesy of Bravo.

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