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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Mid-Season Review

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Let’s chat about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as we approach the middle of Season 7.


We have almost reached the halfway point of Season 7 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

I will confess that I hadn’t been keeping up with it each week, but after binge-watching the past several episodes this week I feel compelled to speak out on several issues.

Let’s start with what is becoming a focal point for this season, the introduction of new Housewife Dorit.


Dorit seemed harmless at first. She was fun, she was cute, and she had the claim to fame that Boy George lived with her.

Now it is clear that Dorit is a meddler. She tries to throw casual digs like her friend Lisa Vanderpump does, but she hasn’t quite mastered the art.

When Dorit bought Erika a pair of panties after #PantyGate, it didn’t come off “cheeky.” It came off obnoxious.

And when she continued to talk about #PantyGate, it sounded like someone who was desperate for a storyline that would create a villain other than her.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world sided with Erika, because:

1. Who cares if she had underwear on or didn’t?

2. P.K. was the inappropriate one in all of this (more on that next).

3. Dorit looked silly for beating the subject to death.

Another thing that bothered me about Dorit is her pronouncement that Eileen should have told the ladies that her mom died before last year’s Reunion.

Dorit and P.K. are in zero position to judge how another individual handles her grief or her friendships, especially when they weren’t even around last season.

And then Dorit has the audacity to act like she doesn’t remember this conversation? Was she that drunk?

I will assume that I don’t even have to mention the fake accent that comes and goes and half the time sounds Jersey girl-ish. I’m not quite sure what she’s going for, but if it’s elegance she is missing the mark.


Speaking of Dorit, her husband P.K. is just as intolerable as she is.

I am surprised that this couple is friends with the esteemed Vanderpump-Todds, quite frankly.

My reasons for not liking P.K. are very similar to those for my dislike of Dorit.

I don’t think he should have commented on Eileen’s decision not to tell the girls about her mom’s death AND his reaction to Erika not wearing underwear was disgusting.

First of all, it seemed initially that P.K. was trying to pretend that he was offended by seeing Erika’s vagine.

He said it made him feel “hot under the collar.” But then he also said that he couldn’t look away and that he didn’t mind the view.

So which is it? Did he enjoy staring at his wife’s friend’s crotch or did he feel violated?

For me, hearing that he “couldn’t look away” was disgusting. You’re a grown man. Of course you can look away. You just didn’t want to, because you’re a perv.

To shame Erika for this while letting P.K.’s reaction slide is just wrong.


Watching Lisa deal with Max’s decision to find his birth parents was so emotional.

As much as I already adore LVP, the reminder that she adopted a child makes me love her even more.

She seems to be back on top this season and I enjoy watching her friendship with Kyle, as well as her loyalty to Kim Richards.

I am hopeful that Lisa will break away from Dorit a bit and realize that she’s a phony.


The burning question I have for Kyle…why does she always refer to her TV show as her “scripted show?” She talks about it enough, can’t she just say “my new show” or “my show?”

Maybe it’s to differentiate between her reality show and the new show. I don’t know. But it annoys me!

I am worried about Mauricio’s promise that it’s “just 5-6 more years of working really hard” and then he’ll settle down and enjoy the fruits of his labors.

I doubt this will happen. Don’t you think he will earn more and more and feel compelled to keep going?

I hope for Kyle’s sake and the sake of their kids that he will put family first eventually. I really like them.


Where do I start with Eden? She’s another one who seemed okay when we met her, but has proven to be a bad seed.

Why does she think she is allowed to pass judgment on Kim and Kyle after meeting them once?

Yes, Lisa Rinna was wrong for stating that Kim is “near death,” but Eden seemed to have an opinion that Kim was not sober even before that.

To me, Kim seems completely sober and happy and fine. And if she’s not, it’s not Eden’s job to monitor that.

Also, Eden needs to stop forcing the ladies to kiss her on the lips. It’s weird.

Images courtesy of Bravo.


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  • Judy Silk
    January 27, 2017 at 10:51 AM

    I agree with almost everything. But let’s bring Rinna in for a closer look. She is so mean spirited and dangerous. She’s utterly two faced. She sits with Dorit and Eileen and says “I’m all about starting fresh and with a clean slate.” Really? Really you delusional all your brains got squeezed out by the collagen in your lips. How about the fact that you relentlessly skewer Kim who is to be congratulated and exalted for pulling her difficult life (losing her greatest support, her ex and the father of her children) back into shape to now be sober and working a program. It’s unconscionable that both Eden and that idiot Rinna are trying to sabotage poor Kim’s sobriety and dragging Kyle into it. What a bunch of quacks. Eden just looks like an infant in that we should think that because her life happened a certain way, everyone else’s will unfold exactly the same.
    Have I said too much?

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