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The Problem with The Bachelor

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I feel that the fundamental premise of The Bachelor is flawed…


As more and more women who (in my eyes) have barely formed a connection with Nick sob their way to the rejection limo each week, I am reminded of my fundamental issue with The Bachelor franchise…

The premise is flawed.

There is no way that you can take a group of 25 random women and have 100% of them decide that they ALL want a serious relationship (marriage!) with the SAME GUY.

Think about your own circle of friends. Was there ever a time when two or three of you all had the hots for the same guy? I bet there wasn’t.

We women have complicated tastes.

Yet we are supposed to believe that every single one of this group of ladies steps out of a limo and instantly decides to compete for the affection of the same man, no matter what their previous preferences were?

It just doesn’t make sense!

Now, this season, Nick was announced earlier than usual I guess, because the women knew he was The Bachelor before they got there. This is evidenced by the fact that his ex-hookup from Jade and Tanner’s wedding found out and then maneuvered her way onto the show.

But in previous seasons, the women have said things like, “I’m so glad it’s you!” when they step out of the limo on the first night…meaning that they weren’t sure who it was going to be.

So let’s consider some of the previous Bachelors.

Last season was Ben Higgins. Yes, I would have been interested if I stepped out of the limo and saw it was him.

Before that was Chris Soules, which is a NO for me.

Juan Pablo? I suppose before getting to know him on the show I would have said yes to a rose.

Sean Lowe? NO.

Ben Flajnik? Hell to the yes.

Brad Womack? Jake Pavelka? Jason Mesnick? No, no, and no.

What would I have done in that situation if I was a contestant on the show? Said “Sorry, you’re not my type” on Night #1 and then gracefully exited?

I have never seen that happen, which leads me to believe that women who are truly not interested in The Bachelor stick around anyway and try to force a relationship.

This, in turn, is why it’s so rare that a relationship from this franchise will actually succeed in real life…because the two individuals really aren’t interested in each other (or at least one party may not be). They are just blinded by alcohol, vacations, helicopter dates, and living in a situation where they are cut off from the real world for several weeks.

Remember when The Bachelorette did that stunt where it pretended there was going to be two different Bachelorettes— Kaitlyn and Britt? What really happened was they made the guy contestants choose who they’d rather “compete” for, Kaitlyn or Britt.

The guys (weirdly) chose Kaitlyn, but that scenario proves my point. There were more than a handful of men who would have preferred Britt. Yet they remained to try to date Kaitlyn?



Still, Kaitlyn seems happy with Shawn and I’m sure as heck glad she didn’t pick Nick Viall in the finale, because that left him free to be our current Bachelor.

And if I had stepped out of a limo that first night and saw Nick Viall standing there, I would have had just two words to say to him…

“I DO!”

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