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Pretty Mess: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

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Bethenny meets up with the RHOBH ladies in the Hamptons. Will she play nice?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 6

We rejoin the ladies at the Bella magazine party. (Must not be that great of a magazine, because Bethenny’s never heard of it. Ouch.)

The topic of marriage and divorce comes up and Lisa Vanderpump is only too eager to get the scoop on Eileen’s history with Vinny. According to Eileen, they only got together after she was separated from her husband.

Who cares? They’ve been together for 15 years now. Tell Vanderpump to pry elsewhere. 

“Lisa Vanderpump is being insensitive,” says Lisa Rinna. “Whether she knows it or not.”

The next day, the plan is to hit up a winery and then go to Bethenny’s house. (Squeal! This is like my Bravo dream come true. Bethenny meets RHOBH. #dying)

Eileen is still pissed about Vanderpump’s inquisition, but she is waiting for the right moment to bring up her discomfort. The right moment is NEVER. You will never best Lisa Vanderpump in an argument. Ask Kyle. Ask Brandi. Ask Ken.

At the winery, Rinna brings up Erika, who will be joining them tonight. Rinna has never met Erika, but she has Googled her and found a racy Erika Jayne music video. 

“It’s raunchy!” screams Rinna.

Eileen likes the video. Kyle, Ken, and Vanderpump laugh about it. Vanderpump calls Rinna a prude.

A bee approaches the vineyard so Kyle must leave. She has forgotten her Epi-Pen. Is she really allergic? I thought she was just afraid. 

They return to Kyle’s rented Hamptons home and Erika arrives. Rinna’s first impression? “She’s like cotton candy meets Chanel meets Vegas showgirl.”

I thought it was kind of rude that Kyle went over to Bethenny’s ahead of Erika, Rinna, and Eileen, but whatevs. Maybe she had to show the camera guy where the house is. Who knows?!

Yolanda is recovering from her ex-plant surgery (taking out her breast implants and all the silicone leakage). David is shockingly still by her side, but unshockingly still making crass jokes. 

When Vanderpump calls to check on Yolanda, David jokes that now Ken has bigger boobs than Yolanda. #whataguy

Kyle hangs with Bethenny at her amazing Hamptons house. Everything is perfect, everything is Bethenny…touches of red here and there…bottles of Skinnygirl on the counter.

Kyle and Bethenny have been friends for 25 years, ever since Bethenny came up to Kyle in L.A. and said, “Hey! I’m dating your ex-boyfriend.” Classic.

Bethenny inquires about Kim, but Kyle doesn’t mind talking to her about it. “I don’t feel as defensive when Bethenny asks me,” says Kyle, because Bethenny has known both her and Kim for years. Also: Bethenny used to work driving Paris and Nicky Hilton to school everyday. That is amazing.

Kyle gives Bethenny the lowdown on the ladies who will be coming over. Bethenny is obsessed with Erika. Obsessed. And she tells her so when the girls get there.

“I like her,” says Bethenny. “She gives zero f*cks.”

Erika is the topic of discussion during dinner. Bethenny wants to give her branding advice. Then they watch her videos. No one can tell if Bethenny is being serious or not. 

And then Bethenny tells Erika that the production value of the video is low and it looks cheap. SHUT UP. 

“She’s not in my business. I don’t tell her how to run her business. I don’t know anything about margaritas. And I don’t know anything about being skinny. So I’m not gonna tell anybody what to do with their Skinnygirl shit. So perhaps she shouldn’t tell me what to do with mine,” says Erika in her confessional.

BOOM. Roasted.

Luckily, Erika is not an escalator of drama. She is more of a de-escalator. The situation is diffused, and Erika teaches Bethenny how to strut. And Bethenny’s pants split. Score one for Erika.

The next day, the girls are set to head to Bethenny’s book signing. Eileen confides to Rinna that she is still upset about Vanderpump’s digging into the affair topic.

At that very moment, Vanderpump is in the limo with Erika…prying into the age difference between Erika and her husband. 

“I sense that Lisa Vanderpump really enjoys making you feel uncomfortable,” says Erika. I totally agree with this statement and I’m surprised I hadn’t pinpointed it earlier. Vanderpump is nice half the time, and naughty the other half. She loves to throw shade.

When Eileen finally gets up the courage to confront Vanderpump about the prying, Lisa just can’t apologize or take ownership. She claims she is just trying to get to know people better when she asks questions. And, after all, Eileen didn’t have to answer any question she didn’t want to. Right?

Eileen is left feeling like nothing got resolved, and Vanderpump skates out of trouble as usual.

Next week, Eileen has a wine-infused meltdown and we finally meet the other new housewife.

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