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Oh, the Irony {Bachelor in Paradise}

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The irony in the decision to cancel Bachelor in Paradise…



Bachelor in Paradise was the juiciest, soapiest, most delightful treat among all the summer TV shows. It was The Bachelor meets Big Brother meets Temptation Island

…but better. Short and sweet, it rolled into summer like a quick thunderstorm and left you wondering if there would ever be another couple as in love as Lacey and Marcus.

(Spoiler alert– after getting “married” on the show, Lacey disappeared on Marcus and they no longer speak.)

It was a cold glass of Sauvignon blanc after a hot, sweaty day of #momlife.

I, along with millions of other viewers, have been looking forward to Bachelor in Paradise (“BiP”) ever since the weather started getting warmer.

With a cast of Corinne, Raven, Amanda Stanton, Alexis (Dolphin Girl), DeMario, Nick, Robby, and more, this was sure to be a doozy.

And now just as we get close, you rip it away? 

‘Tis a cruel, cruel summer, indeed. 

Yes, in case you haven’t heard, Bachelor in Paradise has been effectively cancelled for this year. The technical term being used is that production on the show has been “suspended.” 

From a Warner Bros. press release: “We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico. We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations.” 

But if the cast members have been sent home (as evidenced by social media pictures of the entire gaggle of reality “stars” hanging out at a Mexico airport), then there’s really no hope to finish filming the season.

Which means…what? That they will air a few episodes before abruptly ending it? That we will get no BiP at all? Or that by some miracle they will all return to Mexico and finish filming the season? 



As gossip swirls about what “misconduct” actually happened, it seems unlikely that we will be seeing any of Paradise aired on TV this summer. 

Keep in mind that all of this is just an unsubstantiated rumor at this point, but what we are hearing so far involves a sexual encounter between Corinne and DeMario (read “The Case for DeMario” here).

Sources from the set have said that the two were filmed hooking up in the pool while Corinne was blackout drunk. It’s unclear whether she initiated the complaint about the incident or whether it was a member of the production staff, but either way, someone felt icky after witnessing this “incident.” 

Icky enough to talk to the big bosses and stop production on what has been a wildly successful summer show for ABC. 

I find this highly ironic, because THIS IS A SHOW ABOUT GETTING DRUNK AND HOOKING UP.

And now all of a sudden, things “went too far?” I wonder who is going to bear the brunt of the blame here. Hmmm, let’s see…

The black male in the situation, the white female in the situation, or the producers who knowingly supplied tons of alcohol to them. 

I’ll let you just take a guess there, as Corinne is going around saying she “did not consent” to this sexual encounter.

Oddly enough, she also says (according to this article) that she had a boyfriend and never would have hooked up with someone else if she were sober. Ummm then why are you on this show, you dodo bird?!

If Corinne was so wasted, chances are DeMario was drunk, too. So then who is to blame for a hookup that one of the two regrets the next day?

I am honestly shocked this hasn’t happened before. Young singles + beach + alcohol + incentives to hook up = TROUBLE.

I mean, who were we fooling? We knew a show like this could never last. It was only a matter of time before the cast got too out of control and a situation like this happened.


I’m sure that we will find out more of the details in the coming weeks, but let’s hope that the show mans up and takes responsibility for this monster it created.

Because when they set out to profit from filming drunk, horny men and women in “paradise,” they have to accept responsibility for the inevitable fallout, as well.

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