It’s Not About the Pasta {Vanderpump Rules}

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What is up with these youngsters?!

Okay, so, my introductory line was “What is up with these youngsters?” but in all fairness, the younger generation shouldn’t have its image tarnished by Jax Taylor, who is a whopping 38 years old.

(If Stassi is to be believed in this week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules.) 

SERIOUSLY?! He is 38 and still pulling this sh*t?!

It is truly sad to watch Brittany be disrespected and manipulated by Jax, only to turn around and forgive him, even after he’s caught on camera saying horrible things about her.

But what really gets me is the fact that he tries to play the victim.

When he tried to blame Brittany for the housewarming party fight, it was truly amazing.

How one could turn that situation around for his own benefit is unbelievable. And yet he had Brittany basically apologizing for playing the recording of Jax trash-talking her.

Because this whole situation was her fault.


Yet here we are, just days after the Faith recording was played, and Brittany is explaining to her friends that she wants to work things out with Jax.

Even more shocking is they are still together currently. I would hope that after watching this season, Brittany would come to her senses and dump him.

But I’m not holding my breath.

It seems like everyone’s relationships are on shaky ground this season…

Ariana and Tom are in a sexless rut.

Tom cheated on Katie while blacked out yet again…and he’s another one who is not showing enough remorse, given his actions.

It is not unreasonable for Katie to insist upon her husband not blacking out and hooking up with someone else. 

Both Tom AND Jax should have been begging on their hands and knees to be forgiven by Katie and Brittany.

And then we have Stassi’s boyfriend.

Patrick seems nice enough, but I feel like Stassi is always on her best behavior when she hangs out with him.

Which is fine if that’s how she wants to act, but I don’t know how long she can keep it up.

It is interesting to see someone other than Stassi have the power in the relationship, though. 

This brings me to Scheana, someone that Stassi actually DOES have power over. 

Poor Scheana just can’t stop trying to make “SCHEANA + ROB 4EVA” happen. 

And it’s not happening.

Obviously something about the Rob cheating rumors struck a nerve with Scheana because the girl can’t shut up about it. It is literally eating her alive. 


When your response to someone telling you that your boyfriend was spotted kissing someone else is “He doesn’t even LIKE kissing,” I think there is a problem.

Rob just seems so…not into Scheana.

Which is a shame, because when Scheana is feeling good about herself and confident, she is awesome.

She is not giving off that vibe in her relationship with Rob, however.

I don’t even know what to say about the weird sexual tension between James and his friend Logan. That came out of nowhere, am I right?

Raquel seemed just about as confused as I was.

Also confusing– #PastaGate. If it is “not about the pasta,” like James kept screaming, then WHAT WAS IT ABOUT?!

In conclusion…is it possible that Kristen and Carter are in the most stable relationship of the Vanderpump Rules cast?!

If you need me I’ll be cleaning up the vomit from when Jax asked Brittany if her feet were extra stinky after walking in the parade all day…

Images courtesy of Bravo.

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