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My Happiness Project: May Recap

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It’s hard for me to NOT be happy in May…it’s my birthday, the start of the warm weather, and I can put away all the bulky winter clothes. After focusing on The Home for the month of May, I can definitely say that I’m happier in general.

I did really well sticking to most of my monthly goals. I’d give myself a B+ for this month:

1. Make a cleaning schedule. I found this cleaning schedule on Pinterest and it totally suits my style. There are several little chores to be completed everyday and then one big chore that varies day to day. I successfully followed this schedule for 3 out of 5 weeks of the month. These last two weeks I’ve just cleaned when necessary. (Hey- I’m 38.5 weeks pregnant and in the midst of a heat wave. I’m sticking to the basics here- eating, taking care of L, and showering. Occasionally.)

2. Tackle a nagging task each week. I went through boxes and boxes of L’s baby clothes in the attic and figured out what boy stuff we needed. That was a big task to check off. Another nagging task I’ve been dreading is to figure out what to do with my binders full of magazine articles and recipes. I love to rip stuff out with the intentions of using it in the future, but that never ends up happening. The piles of paper sit on my desk and collect dust. My solution? Locate the article or recipe online and pin it to Pinterest. Problem solved, albeit after several hours of hard work. My final nagging task was to clean up the picture files on my computer, as well as actual stacks of pictures. I set out to complete this one in the last two days of the month, because I just didn’t want it bothering me anymore. I finished organizing the pics on my computer, but still haven’t a clue what to do with all the pictures I have that need to either be framed or housed in an album. So we’ll put that nagging task on the back burner!

3. Do the Clutter-Busting Challenge. I did this task faithfully most days this month. I may have missed a couple. But I have been in the clutter-busting spirit for all of May! I was constantly looking at things in my home, asking Do we REALLY need this? And most of what I got rid of didn’t even go in the trash- it either went to charity, my family’s garage sale, or friends who wanted the stuff. Win-win!

4. Make my backyard beautiful. My husband did most of the work here. That makes me happy, too 🙂 He tidied up areas of the yard that were unsightly, put in a fire pit, and set up a sand/water table that L got for her birthday. We also have a bunch of backyard toys now that were left over from the kiddie birthday party: balls, a golf set, a bubble machine, etc. It’s funny, but with all the kid toys scattered around the yard, I feel like we are a real family now. Like we have a kid who is old enough to run around and make happy memories in our yard.


5. Make my office inspiring. I made my bulletin board neater, including actually turning the calendar to May and using it. I also got rid of the dying orchid that I unsuccessfully tried to revive. (I am a plant-killer.) I still could have done more to make it inspiring in here, but oh well. I’ll keep trying.

6. *BONUS ITEM* Appreciate my husband. I felt bad that I did such a terrible job for my April Happiness Project goal of bettering my marriage, so I tacked on a sixth task for May of appreciating my husband. When asked if I succeeded at this task, my husband simply said, “Yes.” GO ME!

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  • Becky
    May 31, 2013 at 9:40 PM

    Backyard looks great! Sounds like you were successful with this in May!

  • Elizabeth
    June 1, 2013 at 8:36 AM

    The fact that you’re still doing the Happiness Project is amazing to me. I fell off the wagon like 3 weeks in!

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