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Much Ado About Teresa {Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Premiere}

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My thoughts on the season premiere of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

When I’m asked which of the Real Housewives shows is my favorite (which actually happens quite often), I usually will answer with Beverly Hills (because Lisa Vanderpump, obvi) or New York. 

Even though I’m a born and raised Jersey girl, the Real Housewives of New Jersey never pops into my head as **THE BEST HOUSEWIVES SHOW.**

It just doesn’t.

But then I start a new season and I’m inevitably drawn into the drama.

RHONJ is comforting.

It’s familiar, like an old pair of sweatpants or a favorite scrunchie.

While we may no longer have the Manzos or Jacqueline Laurita, what we do have is Teresa Giudice. (The O.G. of N.J.)

And, call me crazy, but I’m starting to like this newest version of Teresa, as seen in the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 premiere last week.

In eight seasons, it seems we are finally FINALLY seeing an authentic Teresa, one with real feelings and honesty.

Never in a million years would I have thought we would ever hear Teresa express that there are cracks in her marriage to Joe. 

Even though it does corroborate a certain piece of gossip I heard this summer…

  • A friend of mine’s brother was at a bar at the Jersey shore over Labor Day weekend. He was hanging out in a group of people that included Teresa Giudice. She mentioned very casually to her friends that she was definitely divorcing Joe and she wasn’t trying to keep it quiet.

So I think there are a couple of explanations for why Teresa is suddenly “seeing the light” regarding Joe.

  1. There is $$$ to be had in a divorce. I could totally see her getting a spinoff, a book deal, etc. following the decision to divorce Joe.
  2. She doesn’t want to move to Italy. If you recall, there is a possibility that Joe (NOT an American citizen) will be deported once he completes his jail sentence. While it’s noble to imagine you will stand by your man, when you have a career based in American reality television, I’m guessing you may want to stay in the United States…for that reason and because all your friends and family are here.

This is similar to Teresa’s rationale for having a change of heart regarding Danielle Staub.

Obviously obviously Teresa hated (hates?) Danielle. 

But she is no dummy, and she understands that bringing back a controversial cast member is good for ratings. Cha-ching!

As for Danielle, all she has ever wanted is to fit in with this crew.

Her desperation shows, and I almost feel bad for her.


Melissa Gorga is another one I like on the show, and not just because I did The Melissa Gorga Experiment several years ago.

I’m happy that she is getting along with Teresa and for once, I feel like it’s not forced.

Dolores– I could take or leave her. Although I am curious as to why exactly she has repeated 2,687 times that she is afraid to leave her son home alone with her ex-husband.

Then maybe don’t do it?

But anyway…

Let’s get to the new girl.

Even though she’s probably in her fifties, I say “girl” because she wears pigtails…and I’m not feelin’ it.

But who am I to challenge a successful entrepreneur’s hairstyle that she obviously feels is working for her??

She seemed to fit in pretty seamlessly with the gals on the trip to Boca, and I liked how she wasn’t kissing anyone’s a**.

Oh and if we are talking about Boca, I have to mention that cake Siggy bought.

It was gorgeous. And they threw it.

For shame!

Speaking of Siggy, if she could stop referring to herself as “Siggy Flicker” and to her ex-husband as “Mark Flicker” and to her current husband as “Michael Campanella,” I (and the rest of the viewers) would greatly appreciate it.

Just say “me” or “I,” plus “Mark” and “Michael.” No need for last names.

So that’s how I’m feelin’ after the season premiere of RHONJ.

I think it’s going to be an entertaining season and I’m looking forward to see how the Danielle factor will play into everyone’s relationships.

Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday nights on Bravo.

Images courtesy of Bravo.

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