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Mmm Goat’s Milk: Bachelor Recap

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Well there are 11 girls left, which means it’s a small enough group for ABC to pay to send them to an exotic locale. Usually the ladies jet off to the Caribbean. This season, they head for the sunny shores of…Montana? Yes, Montana! Where women apparently wear flannel shirts, participate in log-sawing contests, and drink goat’s milk to prove one’s worth to a potential husband.

Still, the ladies all act like they’re super-excited to be in Montana…Daniella cracks me up when she refers to Sean as “her boyfriend.” Have they even had a conversation yet? The first date card arrives and it’s for the only 1-on-1 of the week…yay, it’s for Lindsay! Sean arrives moments later to take Lindsay on the whole helicopter/picnic in a field date. They have such an easy, natural chemistry together, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up together. Lindsay never seems like she is trying too hard and she doesn’t cause any drama. The only thing she reveals in her “deep talk” is that her dad was away a lot in the army. Yawn. At least she has two parents. And two arms, for that matter. (Sorry, but no one has come close to beating Sarah’s or AshLee’s tragic tales this season!)

Sean loves to hear about Lindsay’s upbringing and determines she needs a nice, stable guy who she can depend on. And maybe that guy is Sean! He gives her the rose and they take a stroll to an outdoor concert by some chick. Sean and Lindsay are forced to stand on a platform above the rest of the crowd, where they dance and make out in front of the entire town of Whitefish.

Next up is the group date for Selma, Sarah, Catherine, Daniella, Desiree, AshLee, Robyn, and Lesley. It’s another one of those dumb contest things where the team that loses must leave, and the winners get to stay, because conversations with Sean are their prize. The Red Team of Selma, Sarah, Desiree, and Robyn wins the canoe/hay-bale/sawing/milking contest, sending the sad Blue Team of Catherine, Daniella, AshLee, and Lesley back to the hotel. The Red Team is ecstatic to have Sean all to themselves for the whole night….or will they? Suddenly Mr. Nice Guy has a change of heart, and sends Chris Harrison to fetch the rest of his harem the Blue Team.

Hmmm, is Sean’s explanation true, that he just wants more time with ALL the ladies and a contest shouldn’t determine who he gets to spend that time with? Or could it be that there is one (or two) women on the Blue Team in particular that Sean was itching to hang out with? I’m willing to bet that Sean was disappointed that he wouldn’t get to have time with AshLee and Lesley, two ladies who he had dates with awhile ago, but hasn’t had much time with since. Whatever his true reason, the Red Team is PISSED. And even more so when Daniella (Blue Team member and not even “supposed” to be on the nighttime date, according to the Red Team) gets the rose.

No, I did not make a mistake typing that. Daniella did in fact get the group date rose. She starts crying on the date and finally gets her chance to meet talk to Sean, whining to him about how all the other girls have a better connection with him. Well yeah, honey, he knows that. That’s why he never chooses you for dates or even conversations. Seriously, I have no idea why she is still around. My theory had been that he kept her so that he’d have some easy girls to send home, but that theory got shot to hell when he gave her the rose.

Let’s see, what else happened on the group date? AshLee got a nice makeout session with Sean, who tells her he is “crazy about her.” Catherine got some canoodling, too, because Sean thinks she is “snuggly.” Oh yeah AND TIERRA CRASHED THE DATE, AS USUAL!!! I feel like Tierra is taking a page out of Courtney’s (Ben’s season) playbook, as she tries to be all aggressive and needy. It worked for Courtney, but I just don’t see this ending well for Tierra. She’s overdoing the needy part, and pulling Sean away from the other girls a few too many times. He already seems like he’s getting tired of it, flat-out saying “I don’t know what to make of it.” You don’t?? Well I’ll tell you- the bitch is crazy!

Unfortunately, it looks like Sean has it all set up to keep Tierra around, because it is Tierra and Jackie (who?) on the 2-on-1 date. Clearly, Sean has chosen Jackie to be the sacrificial lamb here- no real feelings/emotions between the Sean and her yet, so it will be easy to send her home. Which is basically what happens. Sean makes it seem like he might send Tierra home, after Jackie warns him that Tierra “might have been flirting” with a guy at the airport…but then he doesn’t. He sends Jackie home, which is where she needs to go. There was just no connection between Sean and Jackie. Tierra gets the rose. Sigh.

Tensions are running high at the cocktail party, where everyone is visibly upset that Tierra is still around. She has yet another confrontation with the rest of the girls, and again says how yeah she likes Sean but she is just “over it.” And to the rest of the girls in the house, if Tierra wants to go get engaged, trust her, there are plenty of guys and she will get engaged. Sean presses Lesley for information about Tierra, and Lesley does a good job of offering up some facts- Tierra has not made any friends in the house and she is cold to everyone. Sean is apparently not convinced enough to take back Tierra’s rose (like I was hoping he would), and he ends up sending Robyn home.

Tonight we are treated to a second night of Bachelor drama! What will Tierra do next?!

And holy shit, those previews for the rest of the season??? Seems like Tierra will be sticking around for a quite awhile, as will AshLee (yay!). But what is up with the secret letter delivery while Sean stands, waiting to propose?? I am SO tempted to look up spoilers online, but I am trying to contain myself.


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