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The Melissa Gorga Experiment: Day 24

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The problem with me going out on a day trip is that it takes me a full day to recover. The house was a wreck when I woke up on Day 24 of the Melissa Gorga Experiment. 

There were toys from the event everywhere. Dirty laundry all over the place. But I was determined to take care of business like Melissa Gorga would and have a clean house and warm dinner waiting for my husband when he came home from work.

People keep commenting that surely Melissa Gorga must have help, like a housekeeper, cleaning lady, nannies, etc…and that is how she is able to clean her house, cook dinner, and watch the kids. And look pretty, be thin, and have tons of sex with Joe.

Obviously now I would assume that she has help around the house. Did she have help back when she was first married with young kids? In the book she says she did not.

There was a period of time, after all, where the Gorgas went through a financial crisis. So they wouldn’t have had any money to pay for luxuries like hired help around the house.

But to be honest, in my particular situation, doing all these things that Melissa says (cooking, cleaning, looking good) wouldn’t be that hard, if I was willing to give up some of my other activities. Like blogging, watching TV, reading, running, going out with friends…

Unfortunately, I’m NOT willing to give up my own pleasurable activities. Which is why at the end of the day it’s so hard to scramble and get the house and dinner ready.

What it all comes down to is prioritizing.

In the past, I prioritized things like watching General Hospital over making sure dinner was prepared. Now I can’t do that…according to Melissa Gorga. And she’s probably right. I do feel better once the house is totally clean and dinner is ready. 

Back to Day 24…

In the morning, I made a mistake that surely Melissa never does. I forgot to drink my coffee. !!!!

Not only was I missing that pep in my step that the coffee gives my morning activities, but I ended up with a headache from being in caffeine withdrawal.

I did not let this keep me from my top priorities of dinner and a clean house. I dragged both children to the grocery store and got the necessary ingredients for a pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and green beans.

I threw it together in the crock-pot and sighed- dinner is done!  Then I tackled the house. 

At 5:30, the house was immaculate, laundry was put away, and dinner PLUS CORN MUFFINS (a fave of my husband) were ready on the table. 

During dinner, we argued about whether or not my two-year-old should be rewarded with dessert for eating her meal. I said yes and was furious that he was undermining me in front of her. 

I stepped away from the table and fumed privately. Then I just let it go. I figured there was no point into turning it into a huge fight. Even though I kind of wanted to.

My husband went off to swim at the gym and I said, “Have fun!” and even smiled at him. 

By that point, the headache had turned into what felt like a migraine, forcing me to go to bed early and put on “Stay away!” pajamas.

Maybe this weekend I’ll wear something a bit sexier to bed. Perhaps this Halloween shirt that my mom bought me??



For the love of all things Housewives, what on earth would Melissa Gorga do if her mom bought her this shirt?!?!?

Help me, Melissa! #WWMGD

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  • Marissa
    October 25, 2013 at 10:52 AM

    Lindsay, I have to say – I’m really enjoying reading about your experiment.
    There are somethings that I already do the Melissa Gorga-way already, but one thing that I’ve been trying to work on is being nicer to my husband. (Ugh, it sounds even worse when I type it out than when I say it my head!)
    For example, today, when I got up at 5:15am to go to the gym, I stopped at the dryer to get my socks and found that one of my husband’s gel pens had made its way to my dryer. Ink was everywhere … old me would’ve dragged his @$$ out of bed yelling and screaming that he had ruined the “on my way to skinny” clothes that I bought just 2 weeks ago. But I didn’t … I stayed home from the gym, cleaned the dryer and tried getting the ink out of the clothes. I then waited until his 2nd alarm went off to tell him he should get up a little earlier this morning as three of his work shirts have ink all over them and he’ll need to find something else to wear. I explained why the shirts had ink all of them and asked him to never put a pen in his pocket again. I then finished getting ready for work, got the little dude up and ready for daycare, said my good byes and left for work.
    All that to say, thanks for doing this experiment – its helping me be a better wife.

    • The Naughty Mommy
      October 25, 2013 at 11:27 AM

      OMG I feel so bad for you. That is the worst. I don’t even know if the experiment would have kept me from having a meltdown!!! Does he notice you are being nicer??

      • Marissa
        October 25, 2013 at 11:54 AM


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