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I have noticed quite a stark contrast in my old life (pre-The Melissa Gorga Experiment) and my new life. Refer to the daily schedules below:


What my day used to be like:

7:00 Wake up. Nurse baby. Put robe on. Eat a leisurely breakfast.

8:00 Husband and daughter leave for work/school. Drink coffee. Peruse the Internet.

9:00 Spend morning feeding and playing with baby…while also watching TV, going on Facebook, and otherwise procrastinating.

12:45 Husband brings daughter home from school. He makes his lunch and eats it. I snack on Twizzlers.

1:00 Hopefully both kids nap at same time so I can watch my soaps.

3:30 Children wake up and add to the mess of the house.

3:33 Email husband about what a stressful/anxious/terrible day I’m having. Suggest takeout for dinner.

3:35 Get irrationally angry when husband replies and reminds me that we had takeout last night.

4:00 Start scrambling to figure out dinner.

4:15 Decide on a dinner that will require husband to do most of the actual cooking on the grill right when he walks in the door.

4:45 Change out of last night’s pajamas. Put on tonight’s pajamas.

5:00 Start texting husband: Have you left yet?

5:35 Give husband attitude when he walks in the door because he’s later than 5:30. Increase level of attitude when I see that he did not, in fact, read my mind and stop at liquor store to get me wine.

5:45 Drink husband’s last beer in fridge, purely out of spite.

6:00 Complain about how long dinner is taking on the grill. Complain that bathtime is late. Complain about anything I can think of.

6:15 Eat dinner while juggling baby’s and toddler’s demands for attention.

6:30 Do the dishes extra slowly so husband has to do both bathtimes. Loudly state how I did all the dinner’s cooking (not really) and cleaning up.

7:30 Put kids to bed. If baby is fussy, pass him off to husband so I can relax.

8:00 Go upstairs and watch my own shows while husband watches hockey.

10:00 Quickly turn off TV and pretend to be asleep when I hear husband coming to bed.


What my day is like now:

6:00 Get up with whichever child is awake. Entertain him/her so as not to wake Daddy. Do NOT put robe on.

7:00 Set out husband’s coffee, breakfast, and make his lunch. Feed dog.

8:00 Kiss husband and give him a nice sendoff. Make beds. Clean kitchen. Continually reheat coffee because too busy to drink it.

9:00 Spend morning feeding and playing with baby. Make a plan for dinner and start preparing. Do laundry. Tidy up the house.

11:30 Shower and put an actual outfit on.

12:15 Go to pick daughter up at school so husband doesn’t have to come home. Stop by husband’s office to say hello and show off our adorable children. Snack on Twizzlers in the car.

1:00 Hopefully both kids nap so I can catch up on my cleaning.

3:30 Children wake up and destroy house in record time.

4:00 Re-clean house. Cut many corners, including throwing stuff in the hall closet rather than properly putting it away.

4:45 Apply mascara, lip gloss, and perfume.

5:00 Finish cooking dinner.

5:35 Welcome husband home with a smile and a kiss, no matter how late he is.

6:15 Eat dinner while juggling baby’s and toddler’s demands for attention.

6:30 Quickly clean up so I can help with bathtimes.

7:30 Put kids to bed. If baby is fussy, offer to be the one to walk around with him so husband can relax.

8:00 Watch TV with husband. Offer him beer, ice-cream, or tea. Don’t complain if hockey is on AGAIN. Say things like, “I’d love to watch the Flyers game.” or “It’s okay, I didn’t really want to watch Dancing With the Stars anyway.”

10:00 Put on pajamas that don’t involve flannel or a robe and go to bed with husband.  😉

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  1. I would say it’s a much better new schedule, applause for you. Do you think you will continue this after October? Do you notice a big difference in your husband?

    • I will definitely try to continue certain aspects I’m sure…I’m not noticing as much of a change in my husband as I am in myself. Will explain more after the experiment concludes.

  2. This is kind of hilarious. I love the stark contrast, and I see a lot of my own habits (on a bad day) in that top schedule. Especially the texting. I used to text about how stressful or horrible a day I was having: “Max just strolled through the dining room using the plunger as a walking stick. Maddie left the bathroom door open AGAIN argh!”… or I would give him friendly helpful reminders that it’s 4:45… only 15 minutes until you can head home. Then at 5:01pm: “Are you driving?”…

    Now, I’m trying to share the good stuff (since there’s plenty), and while I’m not cleaning NEARLY as much as you are, I’m trying to stay a bit neater and at least aiming to have seriously lighthearted, peaceful fun with the kids. Sometimes it means a huge pile of flour on the kitchen floor (read: tracked all over entire house), but focusing on the positive totally helps. Maybe I’ll have to read this book after all.

    I’m really enjoying following your progress on this! Thanks for posting 🙂

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