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Masquerade {Vanderpump Rules Season 6, Ep 1}

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Get my thoughts on the Vanderpump Rules Season 6 premiere.

Over the years as I’ve watched this crew of characters, my loyalties have changed a bit.

At first I was a diehard Stassi fan, and I hated Katie, Schwartz, Kristen, and Tom.

Once Kristen revealed herself as a psycho, I fell in with Tom and Ariana and supported them as a couple.

They were a little too lovey-dovey at first, but now they act just like a regular old married couple that hates each other.

I am also a Lala fan AND a James Kennedy fan. 


I know James can be annoying and a d*ck, but I think he is funny and entertaining. And genuine.

When he was cracking everyone up (including Jax) at last year’s reunion, it was amazing…and now him and Jax are friends!

Scheana I could take or leave, but anyone who is being ganged up on by Stassi, Katie, and Kristen is a friend of mine.

But I digress.

It’s a new season with NEW drama and here is what I thought of the Vanderpump Rules premiere…

First of all, Jax is obviously lying about hooking up with Faith.

(Also, if my memory serves me, wasn’t Faith “dating” Max in a previous season?)

Faith’s story was just dirty enough to sound believable. 

Jax having sex with someone while an elderly incapacitated lady was nearby? Sure.

Jax sucking Faith’s toes? Well yeah, he has a foot fetish!

Jax being bored in his relationship and seeking out a hookup? Definitely.

Plus, whenever Jax lies, he stares right at the person with wide eyes and doesn’t blink. Watch next time. It’s kind of hilarious.

I do think that the whole “Faith hasn’t gotten her period yet” story is manufactured for the drama.

I guess we’ll see.

In other breaking news, I LOVE Ariana’s haircut. It’s fresh and adorable, just like her.

I still hate Katie, because she’s still acting…like Katie.

I found it odd that Tom Schwartz would attend Scheana’s birthday party even though his wife wasn’t invited. 

That would be a major no-no in my book.

Although I’m sure she wanted him to go so she could hear the inside scoop on the party.

One question I had: how did Kristen get invited if her two besties didn’t?

And finally, it really bothered me that Lisa asked the two Toms to each contribute $100,000 to the new restaurant.

Is that really a smart move for them to take out a loan for that amount? 

I don’t know.

Just sounded kind of fishy to me.

But what do I know? I mean, if I had a restaurant, I wouldn’t name it Sexy Unique Restaurant.

But that’s just me.

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