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Margarita Mondays

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Margarita Mondays

Disclosure: I was provided with free samples of several cocktails in order to facilitate this review. Opinions are my own and that of my expert taste testers.

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to test out Applebee’s new line of signature margaritas and cocktails for Margarita Monday.

I brought along two of my favorite alcoholics expert drinkers, my sister Melanie and her boyfriend Kevin.

We sampled a bunch of yummy drinks and snacks that are perfect for the hot days of summer. Keep reading to check out all Margarita Mondays at Applebee’s have to offer!

Margarita Mondays 1

Fresh Fruit Citronade: I mean, look at this drink. Is she a beauty or what? Fresh strawberry and basil mix with vodka and lemonade, topped with a dash of pepper. Said Kevin, “I love the pieces of strawberry. This one is my favorite.”

Kentucky Fruit Tea: Jim Beam bourbon, Peachtree schnapps, apple juice, and fresh brewed iced tea. According to Kevin, “I could slam that whole thing down. It’s real good. Very refreshing.” Melanie concurs!

Perfect Sangria Margarita: This is a margarita for wine lovers. It’s made with tequila, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Cabernet, and orange juice. Sweet and just like sangria!

Margarita Mondays 2

Strawberry Lime Margarita: This margarita had tequila, Grand Marnier, plus blended strawberry. It was light and refreshing with a yummy sugar rim. This was Melanie’s favorite.

Malibu Red Tropical ‘Rita: Melanie doesn’t usually like margaritas, but she called this one a “margarita with training wheels.” It’s made with rum, tequila, Peachtree schnapps, and mango, making it sweet enough for non-margarita drinkers.

Blue Agave ‘Rita: Kevin liked that this margarita tasted clean and light, because too much sugar in a mixed drink gives him a stomachache. This one definitely tastes like a traditional margarita. Classic and delicious!

As for food, we split the Ultimate Trio with steak quesadilla towers, boneless wings, and mozzarella sticks. What can I say? Appetizers are my favorite food group!

Kevin also got the Quesadilla Burger, which was so unique I just have to share a picture. He loved it, by the way.

maragarita mondays 3

Mondays at Applebee’s are also Steak Mondays, where you get $2 off all steaks.

Mondays suck enough as it is, so drop by Applebee’s today and have a tasty margarita for Margarita Mondays!

One more reason to love Applebee’s– the restaurant has been generously donating money to Alex’s Lemonade Stand for the past ten years. For every glass of lemonade or Bacardi Summer Squeeze purchased, Applebee’s donates 25 cents to the charity. Or you can donate $5 to Alex’s and receive a voucher for a free kids’ meal or lemonade on your next visit.

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  • Susan
    July 21, 2014 at 3:27 PM

    LOVE the summer drinks at Applebee’s!! So refreshing, it’s hard to stop at one!!

  • Stella
    July 23, 2014 at 7:25 AM

    Those look delicious! How much are they?

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