Kids Holiday Gift Guide

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A roundup of fun gift suggestions for kids this holiday season!

My kids had some funny things on their Christmas lists this year.

Things like “garage door opener so I can get into the house when you’re not home.” (That was from a six-year-old.)

And “life-size Transfomers Rescue Bots.” Umm yeah. Not happening.

But if you’re shopping for kids, here are some other gift ideas that Amazon, Target, and Walmart can help you out with!

1. Despicable Me 2 Fart Blaster. You may think it sounds gross, but it’s actually REALLY FUN. I even enjoy using it.

2. Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Griffin Rock Rescue Team. No joke, my four-year-old got this set as a birthday gift back in June and Day 1, his two-year-old brother stole it from him. They have played with these Rescue Bots every single day since then. (There’s also a show to go along with it on Netflix.)

3. Silly Street. This board game gets rave reviews from everyone who plays it. It can help kids with social skills, communication, creativity, resilience, and confidence. Plus, it’s made of durable, thick materials. We played as a family and even my two-year-old is able to participate! This game is a keeper! (Disclosure: Silly Street was provided to me for free by the company, but we truly LOVED it!)

4. Roller skates. Not sure why my daughter wants roller skates, but she does!

5. Flipazoo Plush 2-in-1 Child Chair. The top item on my kids’ lists last year was a Flipazoo and somehow I found myself buying another one this year. This time it’s a chair. What will they think of next?!

6. Waffle BlocksSHOCKING– my son saw these on a commercial and wanted them.

7. V-Tech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2Capture pictures, videos, play games, and tell time…your kid can do it all with this kid-friendly smartwatch!

8. Air Hog. Me to my husband: “What on earth is an Air Hog?” Apparently, it’s a vehicle that can either fly in the air or be an all-terrain vehicle on the ground. There are many different versions, all of which my son wants.

9. Thomas & Friends Super Station Playset. If you find this toy, get it quickly because it’s selling out!

10. Our Generation Doll. For when your kid wants an American Girl doll, but she doesn’t know the difference between that and the cheaper Target version…

11. Costume. My kids are obsessed with dressing up in costumes. This is the latest one my four-year-old wants.

12. Vampirina B&B. We love this cute new show on Disney Jr. but we don’t have any of the toys to go along with it yet!

13. Karaoke machineI am blessed to have a child who never stops singing. Thankfully, she has a good voice. She is going to love this gift!

14. Classroom Play Set Game. My daughter and her friends have spent hours upon hours playing school, so much so that she has used up her teacher kit from last Christmas and she now needs a new one!

15. LEGO Disney Princess Moana’s Ocean Voyage. Moana + Legos = WIN!

16. HEXBUG Spider. Activate this creepy-crawly with a remote for some robotic fun!

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