The Ladies Do Vegas: Housewives Recap

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Pack your bags, Bev fans! The ladies (well, most of them) are off to Vegas to support Brandi in her new “venture,” a.k.a. a low-class, publicity-hungry business wants Brandi’s face (and Bravo’s cameras) to push their “product,” which even after this episode is still unclear…something about a women’s empowerment stripping class.

We open at Yolanda’s not-so-humble abode, where she’s getting ready for a casual lunch with Kyle, Lisa, and…Suzanne Somers?? Apparently Yo and Suz have been friends for six years. They are both into living healthy, old people having sex drives, and eating lots of vitamins. Lisa is not.

Brandi goes to get a stripping/pole-dancing lesson from some woman who looks SO familiar to me. (Did anyone know who she was? Or even think she looked familiar? It’s killing me that I can’t place her!) She is preparing herself to teach “Brandi’s Night School 4 Girls” in Vegas…Leann and Eddie must have had a field day with this one. Brandi can actually work the pole quite well (is anyone shocked?) and her split at the end was better than one of Kyle’s any day.

Back at Kyle’s, it’s Sophia’s 6th grade graduation party and we are yet again subjected to Faye. Barf. With every Adrienne/Paul interaction, you can see the tension that will soon cause them to file for divorce. Once again, the tired old Brandi comment makes its way into the dinner conversation as Faye points out how she “had Adrienne’s back.” Thankfully, Paul and Adrienne make an early exit and this topic of conversation leaves with them.

Kim and her houseman appear briefly, sorting through stacks of pictures of her children and letting us know she is getting a nose job. Marisa pops on with her sassy mother, packing for the Vegas trip, making me hopeful that they are going to make her into a full-fledged Housewife instead of just “Kyle’s friend.”

Yolanda skips out on the first night in Vegas, I guess because she wanted to cook David a chicken dinner. Hell, give me that house and that life and I’d cook David a chicken dinner seven nights a week if he wanted! Still, they are cute, if a bit nauseating.

Taylor skips out on the episode altogether, hopefully because she was at an A.A. meeting.

The ladies have a fun dinner out, and Kyle and Brandi continue along the road to friendship as they laugh about what a loser Leann Rimes is. That’s all for this week, as they save the actual “seminar” and all the dramz for next week, which looks amazing from the previews… although unfortunately, it looks like I’m going to have to pick sides between Camille/Kyle vs. Yolanda/Lisa. And wait, whaaat?? Lisa doesn’t really own Sur??

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  • Mairin
    January 30, 2013 at 11:27 PM

    She was Charley on Sisters! (with Sela Ward remember that show – all the girls had boy names). ANNNND she was Lily’s sister on Gossip Girl – Carol Rhodes ANNNND she was on Lost. (Yup, I watch too much TV)

    • The Naughty Mommy
      January 31, 2013 at 9:09 AM

      Yes, Mairin that vaguely rings a bell…my sister figured out the GG connection, too…why is she a pole-dancing instructor now, too???

      • The Naughty Mommy
        January 31, 2013 at 9:10 AM

        Wait, who was she on Lost?