Horsing Around: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

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Kyle and Lisa return from their vacation just in time to for the Lisas to grab Ken a miniature horse for his birthday present. But will the surprise present make a splash? Or is that just Ken when he falls into the pool?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 6

Kyle and Lisa (Vanderpump) are still abroad…still shopping for that perfect dress for when you’re invited to your niece’s wedding but your husband and 2/4 of your daughters are not. #thestruggleisreal

Rinna takes her daughters for pedicures over in the United States. One daughter fusses over her odd 11:10 curfew while the other daughter looks bored to tears.

Eileen is working on The Young and the Restless a lot these days, so it’s hard for her to manage getting her one child off to school in the morning. Particularly when Vince lounges on the couch saying he’s “working.”

“I don’t know what it is about men and boys,” says Eileen. “They can’t hear a female voice and therefore I have to repeat myself all the time and I become annoying.” 

(Confession: After giving her a chilly reception last season, I’m warming to Eileen a bit.)

Lisa and Ken set off for Monte Carlo in a helicopter that their friend sends for them. Wonder if it’s the same guy that Ramona’s friends with who picked her up in the Berkshires. #RHONYflashback

Back in Beverly Hills, Yolanda and her new friend (and new Housewife) Erika go for Vitamin C infusions. Ick. 

Yolanda and Erika are old friends. Erika is funny, fun, and fabulous.

“I have all the access to the best,” says Erika. “What am I gonna look like, a hag? Of course I look good.” I like this chick.

At a slightly more social group get-together, Rinna and Eileen (both wearing leopard print) meet up with Kyle for drinks. They inquire about Kim, who is (at that time) in the news for being drunk (again) and going to rehab (again).

“I thought that she escaped or something,” says Eileen.

Kyle shuts the conversation down, because she feels funny discussing Kim with Rinna…since they have bad blood.

Instead of talking about Kim, they talk about Yolanda and her illness. Or as Kyle would probably call it, her “illness.” I’m unsure why Kyle is so suspicious of the Lyme disease diagnosis, but she repeats that when she was depressed, it manifested as many different physical symptoms.

Why is Kyle throwing shade at Yolanda? 

The Lisas (in cowboy hats) journey to Ohio for the tiny horse. It rains and they are scared. They are also worried about the horse’s happiness when it is uprooted from the farm and put on the private jet.

We meet Erika’s husband and see her house. Her house is big and her husband is old. They seem to like each other, I guess. Oh and the husband is a successful lawyer who wins cases worth billions.

The couple, married for 15 years, met when Erika was a cocktail waitress. She knows she is called a gold-digger, but she doesn’t care. She feels she is still the same sweetheart now that she was when she was poor. 

The Lisas arrive at the farm and meet Rosebud, the dwarf filly with a pink tutu.

IMG_20151215_214949 (1)

“She’s smaller than I thought,” says Rinna. “And fatter than I thought!”

“I don’t think you should comment on her weight,” says Vanderpump. “She might hear you.”

Vanderpump notices that Rosebud has a limp. The trainer tries to downplay the issue. Rinna thinks they should leave the horse. Vanderpump wants to still take him.

Vanderpump calls Ken to discuss and therefore ruins the birthday horse surprise. Ken is zero help when it comes to making the decision, telling Lisa it’s up to her.

Ultimately, they leave the horse with promises of “Maybe we’ll come back after the vet checks him out,” but I think it’s over for Rosebud and Beverly Hills. Sorry, Rosebud. #soclose


Erika has an alter ego named “Erika Jayne.” Erika Jayne is a famous singer on the Billboard Dance Club charts. Or something like that. She dresses provocatively (i.e. slutty) and “unleashes her inner bad girl.” 

I’m guessing her husband isn’t aware of this, for fear he might have a heart attack.

Ken’s party is here and OMG so is Taylor! All the ladies show up. Eileen, Rinna, Kyle, Camille. 

The women share a chuckle over the horse situation. Kyle tells them it wasn’t a miniature horse; it was a pregnant donkey. “That was a maternity tutu!” she cries.

Everyone is given a big Kentucky Derby hat when they arrive. I’m pretty sure Kyle is given a hat that doesn’t match her red lipstick on purpose. 

As the guests sit down for lunch, Taylor loudly wonders what is up with Yolanda and her “sick selfies” with needles in her arms. Everyone just wants Taylor to shut up and stop drinking. As usual.

The party ends with all the ladies jumping in the pool (and Ken being thrown in the pool) in their white dresses. How fun!

So…thoughts on the new girl???


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