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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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happy valentine's day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The Hallmark holiday where 85% of the population ends up disappointed. (And the other 15% are single guys who are patting themselves on the backs for being girlfriend-less during such a tricky holiday.)

If you’re single and a woman, you probably feel like you’re missing out on a fabulous night, complete with fancy dinner reservations, a new dress, flowers, and a gift.

Do you know what I am getting for Valentine’s Day?

Socks. Yes, you heard me right.


Not fancy socks. Not sexy socks (do they even exist?). Not cute Valentine-y heart socks.

These socks.

And they’re not even surprise socks. My husband told me that’s what he got me. I guess that was to avoid any sort of present-opening disappointment when I saw that it was socks.

Also, it’s a selfish gift. He only got me them because I always steal his socks. You see, my feet are ALWAYS cold. Especially at night when we go to bed. So I go rummaging in his sock drawer and pull out the warmest socks I can find.

He does not like this. So, he got me my own warm socks. Not quite what I had been fantasizing about for a Valentine’s Day present…

All I want for Valentines Day via

He also brought home one of my favorite bottles of wine on Wednesday and then tried to pretend like it was also part of my Valentine’s present.

Right, so it was just supposed to sit in the fridge and not get drank (drunken?) on Wednesday evening and a snow day Thursday? I mean, come on. Let’s be realistic here.

I bought him a lovely, heartfelt gift: Why I Love You: A Journal of Us…95 pages of answering questions and fill-in-the-blanks about why I love my husband so much.

A Journal of Us

Have I filled it out yet? No. But I’m going to. It’s right up there on my to-do list after showering and maybe even shaving my legs.

I did get a gorgeous dress from Rent the Runway this weekend, but it’s for my son’s baptism on Sunday…not for a fancy dinner out. “Restaurants on Valentine’s Day? Too crowded, too expensive,” says my sensible husband.

As for a card, I’ll probably get some line like this:


So if you’re sitting home tonight with your cat and your pint of Ben & Jerry’s watching The Notebook and feeling sad, just remember, that’s probably what I’ll be doing, too. But hopefully my feet will be warm.

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  • Nancy
    February 14, 2014 at 3:27 PM

    Don’t make me laugh!!! It’s called being married & to such a sensible guy!!! I myself have one too!! My girlfriends tell me not to complain — your future will be better!!! Retirement!!! Enjoy your day & remember we wouldn’t trade them for the world!!! Lol

  • Sarah @ Finnegan & The Hughes
    February 15, 2014 at 10:53 AM

    Hilarious!!!! I got beautiful roses and my favorite chinese take out BUT what meant the most to me was that Rob bought Derek a Transformer and Hayley a Rescue Bot. They were SO HAPPY!!!

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