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What Happened on The Bachelor Last Night? {Season 21, Episode 4}

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Nick takes the remaining ladies to his hometown, where Corinne continues to stir up sh*t.

What happened on The Bachelor last night

Another week, another on-stage slow dance with Danielle L.

Can you say “frontrunner,” anyone?

Also similar to other weeks is DRAMA WITH CORINNE. Shocking, I know.

Unfortunately for the rest of the ladies, Corinne’s antics don’t seem to bother Nick. Yet.

Rose Ceremony

If you recall, we ended last week during the pool party. Vanessa was confronting Nick about his bounce house antics with Corinne.

In the words of Vanessa, “I’m not judging her, I’m judging you.”

Nick seemed a little sheepish and said he wants Vanessa to continue to call him out on his sh*t.

At the Rose Ceremony, Danielle L., Vanessa, and Rachel already have roses.

The remaining roses go to: Raven, Taylor, Whitney, Kristina, Jasmine, Alexis, Astrid, Danielle M., Jaimi, Josephine, Sarah, and Corinne.

Sidenote: I’ve always wondered whether the producers make the Bachelor give out the most controversial rose last. I’d assume yes??

Post Rose Ceremony, Chris Harrison gives the ladies big news…they are heading off to exotic WISCONSIN to see Nick’s hometown!

1-on-1 Date

Danielle L. gets a solo date with Nick in Wisconsin. They wander around the town and run into an ex-girlfriend of Nick’s.

Okay so this was extremely awkward and I can’t figure out if it was staged. If it was staged, what was the purpose?? To show that Nick’s ex-girlfriend’s like him and can be civil?

Anyway, I felt bad for Danielle L. AND for Amber (the ex).

During the evening dinner date, Nick wants to go deep with Danielle. She “confesses” that her biggest flaw is her parents’ divorce, showing us all that she doesn’t understand how a flaw works.

She further explains that her parents getting divorced makes her not want to rush into any relationship or marriage. Ummm…THEN WHY ARE YOU ON THE BACHELOR?

She gets the rose, but I’m left wondering if she’s all there upstairs.

Group Date

Rachel, Alexis, Vanessa, Jasmine, Jaimi, Sarah, Whitney, Kristina, Astrid, Taylor, Josephine, Corinne, and Danielle M. head out for a group date on a dairy farm! Hooray!

The girls get to do fun stuff like milk cows and shovel poop in the cold.

Corinne sits most of it out because she’s Corinne. “I do not want to be on this group date,” she says. “I want to be…in a spa being fed a taco.” Noted.

Corinne makes a half-assed apology-type statement to the ladies but it is 100% fake. She is able to tell Nick she did this, though, and he praises her maturity. Snort.

Kristina has a good little chat with Nick at night and she ends up as the recipient of the group date rose.

1-on-1 Date

Surprisingly to me, Raven gets the second 1-on-1 date with Nick. They attend Nick’s littlest sister Bella’s soccer game and meet his parents.

Following the game (where I admit Nick shows a very caring, sensitive side as he pals around with his sister), they go roller-skating.

When they are alone in the evening, Raven details her past with a cheating ex-boyfriend.

The night she caught him cheating (mid-intercourse, mind you!), she beat him with a stiletto.

Nick can relate, because he’s been cheated on. Raven gets the rose and it is obvious she has made a big impression on Nick with this date.

Cocktail Party

Back at the house, the ladies are still discussing Corinne, per the usual.

They like to whine about how she isn’t ready to be a wife and how it’s a red flag that a girl doesn’t get along with other girls.

True, BUT…guys like bitches! It’s just a fact.

Taylor, in particular, has a weird vendetta against Corinne and all it is doing is making her look bad. At least Vanessa was able to express her Corinne frustrations simply and then get over it.

Taylor is OBSESSED. She confronts Corinne in this highly condescending manner that seriously turned me #TeamCorinne.

Next week, the two continue their fight and we finish the Rose Ceremony…

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Image courtesy of ABC.

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