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Grandparents Day Brunch Menu

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Grandparents Day Brunch Menu

On Friday I read somewhere that it was Grandparents Day on September 7th. Two days away. Oops. 

Is this a real holiday or did Hallmark make it up? Not like it matters, even if the only place I saw it celebrated was on Sprout, I knew my mom would be expecting a card. (She’s like, really into cards.)

Since I knew it was too late to get cards out in time, I decided to throw an impromptu Grandparents Day Brunch. I invited all the grandparents and they all said yes. 

Pinterest helped me come up with a fabulous brunch menu and everything turned out delicious!

Sure there were some minor snafus on the way to putting out this spread, namely when I dropped a bowl of hot, melted butter ALL over my jeans and had to change minutes before everyone arrived, but I didn’t even yell or curse. I was too excited to eat all this yummy food.

  • Belgian waffles are a brunch must. This recipe was great– Easy and Fluffy Belgian Waffles from Something SwankyWe served them with strawberries, fresh whipped cream, and Trader Joe’s real maple syrup.
  • The other main course dish was this Bacon and Cheddar Quiche, to which I added chopped scallions. (I will add scallions to pretty much anything.)
  • I got the Blueberry Breakfast Bars recipe from Parents magazine last year. These are a yummy, healthy-ish breakfast option that both my kids (and me) will happily eat.

Blueberry Bars

  • Sausages. No recipe needed. We just buy the frozen kind and cook them up in a pan.
  • What’s a brunch without crispy, salty potatoes of some sort? I find hash browns to be difficult to make, so I did The Pioneer Woman‘s Best Breakfast Potatoes instead.
  • This is the dish I was most excited about: Apple Pie Spread with Pie Crust Cookies from The Vintage Mom. This recipe just screams “fall” and anything that highlights a delicious homemade pie crust is a must-try in my book. I loved these and am considering making another batch to send in to my daughter’s teachers for a surprise snack one day.

Apple Pie Spread

  • You have to have mimosas at brunch, right? If I wasn’t pregnant, I would have tried some more inventive cocktails but I am, so too bad. Once I pop this baby out, I can’t wait to try making my own Spicy Bloody Mary, which I unfortunately discovered the deliciousness of right before I found out I was pregnant.

Here’s my “Brunch Menu” Pinterest board in case you’d like to follow along. It has all the recipes I used yesterday plus some other fun brunch items I plan to try next time!

What are your brunch menu staples?
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  • Sarah @ Finnegan and the Hughes
    September 8, 2014 at 9:51 AM

    Looks Delish!
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  • SusaN
    September 8, 2014 at 1:42 PM

    Everything was so good and we’re still talking about those potatoes and how delicious they were…. cooked just perfectly!! Thank you, Lindsay, for making us feel so special (even tho it is a Hallmark holiday!) xoxo

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