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Giving Up The Bottle

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Giving Up The Bottle

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At my son’s one-year checkup, I stupidly asked the question: When does he have to stop drinking from a bottle?

“By 15 months,” was the doctor’s answer. (A.k.a. by his next checkup.)

That was three months ago and we have the 15-month checkup on Friday, which means I technically only have a few days left to get rid of the bottle…or, I can lie to the doctor that I took the bottle away but keep using it. A viable option in my mind for some reason!

I started by taking away his two nap bottles in the past month. I’m just dreading eliminating the last one. It’s such an integral part of his nighttime routine. A nice warm 8 oz. bottle of milk while we read stories. What could be so wrong with that?

I will enjoy the extra cabinet space that I’ll get when I toss all our bottles. But I’m scared that now he’s going to wake up in the middle of the night starving because he didn’t have his nighttime milk! This is crazy, right?

I think with my three-year-old we waited until she was older, because I never asked the doctor when she needed to get rid of it. My mom was always telling me, “She’s still a baby and babies need bottles. Let her wait until she’s two.”

I just feel like if I don’t listen to my doctor’s advice, then what’s the point of going to him?

So last night was the night I decided was No Bottle Night.

Everyone was extra tired because we played outside for two hours in the gorgeous fall weather. Nate started whining and fussing, which means he wanted to go to bed. And it was early– like 6:45.

I went to the kitchen to fill up his sippy cup with milk. I decided to heat it in the microwave so it bore some resemblance to his normal bottle of warm milk.

(Sidenote: does not everyone heat up their kid’s milk in bottles?? My friend’s husband totally made fun of me when he saw me heating my son’s bottle at his house.)

He immediately grabbed for the cup and started drinking it as we headed to his room. I read him three books and sang a song while rocking him in the glider (his nightly routine). I gave him his pacifier, put him in his crib, said goodnight and then…


There was no complaint, no cries, no protest, no sudden ability to talk and say “Where the hell did my bottle go, Mom?!”

He just lay there quietly in his crib and went to sleep.

Are you kidding me?! This is what I have been dreading for three months?!

I mean, it’s possible he was just ready to be done with the pink and purple girly bottles that were leftover from my daughter’s bottles. (Was that mean to save hers for him to use?? He did have two boyish bottles, but then there were the pink ones with flowers and butterflies.)

I actually think it was the fact that all the other steps of the nightly routine remained firmly in place. Modifying only one element (bottle for a sippy cup) made it less traumatic. Stories, noise machine, sleep sack, and rocking in the glider all helped cover up the dastardly deed that I did when I took away his bottle.

Now. If you were me, would you get rid of them all today? Or hide one in the cabinet for a potential bottle emergency in the future?

I’m leaning towards hiding one away. Just in case.

Note: If you’re looking for a good sippy cup to transition from the bottle, this Tommee Tippee one with a straw is the ONLY one my son will hold by himself and drink. He took to it right away. 




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  • SusaN
    September 10, 2014 at 10:52 AM

    So proud of him!! Good job Lindsay but maybe you should keep one just in case he gets sick and needs to get liquids in him…. just a thought

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