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Getting Kids Excited About Yoga

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Want to know how to get your kids excited about doing yoga? Here’s how the yoga craze started in my house!

Getting Kids Excited About Yoga

“But it’s NOT FAIR!” my four-year-old whined as we climbed the stairs to her bedroom one evening.

“Well, you know, life isn’t fair,” I responded. “But tell me. What isn’t fair this time?”

She looked as despondent as if I had just informed her that I had accidentally deleted all her Sofia the First and The Winx Club episodes from the DVR.

“I didn’t get to do my bedtime yoga,” she wailed.

I almost choked on my wine. Her bedtime yoga?!

Three days ago, the word “yoga” was not even in her vocabulary. As far as I know. 

Let’s face it, it was rarely used in my own vocabulary either, until my neighbor started dragging me to Hot Vinyasa Yoga classes on Saturday mornings. 

I usually tried to sneak out of the house those mornings, because my leaving inevitably causes tears and tantrums and “Mommy, don’t go!” even though I have spent every waking minute with those children all week. 

This past Saturday, however, I finally told my daughter, “I’m going to yoga.” 

“I want to go!” she sniffled.

“Sorry,” I said, grabbing my mat to make my escape. “It’s just for adults. We’ll find some kid yoga to do when Mommy gets home.”

The day before, my daughter attempted a Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown DVD ($6 for two 30-minute workouts!) with me, but lost interest halfway through. Understandable. It’s definitely tough and there’s nothing fun about it. 

So I knew I had to find a better option that would hold her interest. I went on YouTube on my phone and Googled “kids yoga.” One of the first videos to pop up is “Frozen, A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure.”

Frozen? BOOM. Jackpot. 

I used the Chromecast to play YouTube on our TV and we got started.

Jaime Amor leads the kids through a series of yoga poses and stretches, all while acting out the story of Frozen. The kids don’t even realize they are doing “yoga poses.” They are just being Olaf, Elsa, and Anna in Arendelle.

It is the cutest!

We finished the Frozen yoga session and moved on to the Cosmic Kids’ Mimi the Mermaid video

They have so many different videos, all focusing on animals, fairy tales, even Star Wars! The videos are free to watch on YouTube, but if you’d rather purchase the DVD, they are available on Amazon.

When my two-year-old son woke up from his nap, even he got in on the action. 

Now they fight over who gets to use my yoga mat and want to do the yoga videos every day…and every bedtime.

Kids yoga

I am so happy they have found an activity that is healthy, calming, and we can all do it together. 

Although now they are asking for things like special yoga clothes, their own yoga mats, special bedtime yoga sessions, etc. 

Which is fine. They can ask away. Maybe I’ll surprise them with yoga-themed Easter baskets this year. Lord knows they don’t need more sugar in their lives!

If you want to get your own kids excited about yoga, here are some tips…

  • Find a yoga program that interests them. Princesses, sea animals, Star Wars are among the many Cosmic Kids Yoga videos on YouTube. 
  • Get a cute yoga mat.
  • Do yoga with them. What’s great is no matter the level, yoga poses are yoga poses. Even you will get benefits from doing a kids’ yoga program.
  • Find a kids’ yoga class near you. Try doing an Internet search of “kids yoga class” in your county. Many county recreation centers will have free or low-priced yoga classes for kids and some have yoga camps!
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