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Fall Skin Care Tips

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here. I am not a medical professional. Advice given about skin care is merely from my own personal knowledge and experience in my 33 years of caring for my own skin.

It’s officially fall! (Even though I’ve been kind of pretending it’s fall since September 1st.)

The weather has shifted, the scent of apple pie and pumpkin lattes is in the air and women are timidly stepping out in their Uggs. Or are Uggs not popular anymore? I’ll have to seek out an answer to that from a more fashionable person than myself.

Make sure your skin care routine is adjusted for this new weather. Check out my Fall Skin Care Tips!

Don’t forget the sunscreen! It’s tempting to think of sunscreen as a summer product. But at least for your face (which hopefully sees the sun every day!), make sure to still protect it from harmful rays. I use this sunscreen on top of my moisturizer.

Protect Face Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30

It doesn’t smell like a typical sunscreen, doesn’t leave white residue, and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients that most other sunscreens do:

Many sunscreens use chemical sun blockers like oxybenzone, which soaks through skin, triggers allergic skin reactions, and may be a hormone disruptor. PROTECT uses non-nano zinc and titanium dioxide, which are effective and safe natural mineral sun blockers.

Up your moisturizer level. During the summer I didn’t need to use a daily moisturizer on my face, because the weather was so warm and humid. All I used for moisture was my sunscreen. But now that the air is cooler and drier, I’ve added moisturizer into my regime (under my sunscreen, of course).

I also now moisturize my hands every chance I get. I hate having dry hands and cuticles. One of my favorite hand creams is Look Ma New Hands from Bath & Body Works. A little bit goes a long way.

Look Ma, New Hands Super Softening Hand Lotion with Paraffin - True Blue® Spa - Bath & Body Works

Don’t skip the basics– no popping zits & wash your face every night before bed. My sister was complaining to me about getting pimples. Later she told me that she doesn’t always wash her face at night. Well, hello! That is like Rule #1.

From Dr. Oz:

During the day, your face builds up a layer of oil, dead skin cells, bacteria and sweat. When makeup is added, this creates a situation that can lead to clogged, dilated pores, breakouts and dull skin. In the evening, it’s important to remove all of this so that your skin can renew itself.

Another benefit of washing your face before bed: Your skin will absorb more antioxidants and other anti-aging ingredients that are in your nighttime serum or moisturizer, therefore giving you more radiant results. 

Create a simple AM & PM routine. You don’t need to go nuts with a zillion products. Find out what works for your skin and simplify. My morning routine is: wash my face, apply moisturizer, apply eye cream, and apply sunscreen. Boom– done.

My nighttime routine is: wash my face, apply a richer moisturizer with two drops of oil that I mix in, and apply eye cream. Both take less than five minutes. Probably more like two minutes. Since I do the same thing every day, I’m not searching for products to use or getting different results because I threw in a new step one night. 

Choose products that are safe, healthy, and effective. Since I’m pregnant, I need to be extra-careful about products that I am applying to my pores. But I still want my skin to look good. I have found the Beautycounter line to be the safest line on the market today, while also giving me amazing skin. With both my previous pregnancies I was still breaking out, but this time I have not. My skin has never been this soft and glowing, (despite my melasma). 

Even if you’re not pregnant, consider the benefits of using a product line that doesn’t use harmful ingredients. Every ingredient in each Beautycounter product is chosen specifically for its efficacy–no added scents or fillers.

If you’d like to try Beautycounter, check out the full line here. All products have a 30 day money-back guarantee. 

Questions? Email me:

This post is part of a #BeautyBuzz linkup hosted by Jo-Lynne Shane. Check out her post here!




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    September 23, 2014 at 9:36 AM

    I love the idea of oils for moisturizing. They smell really good, too!

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