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An Interview With RHODC’s Ebong Eka

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Ebong EkaBest known for his role as Lynda’s man on Real Housewives of D.C., Ebong Eka (pronounced A-bong Ecca) is back in the spotlight with a new book, Start Me Up!: The No-Business-Plan Business Plan.

The Naughty Mommy super-fan Karla Trotman caught up with Ebong Eka a few weeks ago before his Philly-area book signing event for an update on life after Real Housewives

Karla: Okay, Ebong. I’m gonna ask the question that all of the women want me to ask. Are you still with Lynda?

Ebong: No, Lynda and I are no longer together but we still remain dear friends.

Karla: I’m so sorry to hear that you are no longer together. I loved watching the pair of you. You guys are so fancy.

Ebong: We were authentic in real life and on camera. Fancy is a flattering word but we are just down to earth.

Karla: No, you are fancy. Anyway, the show never showed what you did for a living. What do you do?

Ebong: I’m a Certified Public Accountant, an entrepreneur in the education space and an author. Being a CPA isn’t exactly sexy but it’s a very important activity. I work with small and large businesses to help them grow. I’m also a frequent finance and business contributor for Fox News Channel, Huffington Post, China Central TV and Arise TV.

Karla: Oh wow, you were a show within the show! Hey, I have a business too! Well, you know that. That is how we met. LOL I’m trying to be professional here.

Ebong: There’s a first time for everything! In all seriousness, yes, we met because I featured you in my book Start Me Up!: The No-Business-Plan Business Plan.

Karla: Haha, you are super fun, not really. So for those of us not in the book, care to share about what it is?

Ebong: Of course! There are millions of Americans who either lost their jobs or need more money. Who doesn’t want more money? The reality is we have control over “our” economy and we no longer have to wait for Wall Street to tell us that the financial coast is clear. There are segments of the population that aren’t adequately represented – for example, women, minorities and veterans. These groups have what it takes and an idea but they may not have a road map to get to the mountain top! If you have a dream for a business in your heart but not exactly sure where to start, my book provides a simpler but important road map to realizing your entrepreneurial dreams. Most businesses fail but yours doesn’t have to with this book!

Start Me Up Ebong Eka

Karla: Are you coming to the Philly area to promote it?

Ebong: As a matter of fact, yes! I’m excited to come to Barnes and Nobles in Plymouth Meeting, PA to share my story and to hopefully inspire others who want to take the entrepreneurial plunge. I’m so fortunate for the opportunity because I love Philadelphia.

Karla: So like people can come and see how freakin’ tall you are and smell you, if they wish, live and in person if they show up?

Ebong: I smell great…but I think it would be a little weird if people were to intentionally smell me! I would love for you to come see how tall I am. Maybe we can have a guessing game and the winner gets a prize!

Karla: Awesome. Well, awesome for them, my husband would not like me smelling some other dude.

Ebong: That would make for an uncomfortable book signing for all parties involved.

Karla: So in case people don’t know how tall you are, can you share?

Ebong: There goes the contest and free prize idea! I’m 6’5″!

Karla: And I know that you used to play professional basketball, so please tell everyone about that amazing experience.

Ebong: Professional basketball is merely the result of strategic hustle because I had to actively market myself to get a contract. It was a goal I had in my heart and I had to find a way to make it happen. I was fortunate to have played in Switzerland and England. In addition, I spent time playing basketball in Asia as well!

Karla: So cool. I wish I could have taken a year off to do something fun and get paid for it. I still wish that I could do that.

Ebong: Well, I did it for two years and right out of college before the shackles of adulthood embraced me. It gets harder to break free as we age, acquire responsibilities and start careers. My goal for everyone is to create a life for themselves that eventually allows them to take time off without large financial repercussions. Life is about growing and doing what makes you happy – otherwise…what else is there!?

Karla: I know that you are a huge Penn State fan…

Ebong: Go Blue! Hail to the Victors valiant, Hail to the conqu’ring heroes, Hail, Hail to Michigan! The leaders and best! – wait…too soon?


Karla: Easy now.

Ebong: My fault!

Karla: So back to Real Housewives for a minute. Do you talk to any of the other cast members?

Ebong: Still friends with a lot of them.

Karla: Were the Salahi’s on something? They were just pure drama.

Ebong: No comment – but I will say that the behavior was par for the course. They weren’t doing anything because of the show…they were doing these things ‘in spite’ of the show!

Karla: If you could have given them one piece of business advice to help one of their businesses, what would it have been?

Ebong: Solving a problem that people willfully pay you money for is a lot more sustainable of a business.

Karla: Well Ebong, thanks for chatting with me. You are so kind to do this. Any parting message you want to send out to all of the folks wondering what happened to Ebong?

Ebong: I’m still here and the show has given me a lot of great opportunities to meet new people and do new things – including speeches and consistent television appearances. Also, I don’t care whatever your dream may be but in order to realize that dream, you must first believe it’s possible! Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and life at

Buy Ebong Eka’s book Start Me Up!: The No-Business-Plan Business Plan!


About the Author:

Karla Bio PicKarla Trotman is a fabulous friend of mine, a fellow Bravoholic, and the owner of the Bellybuttonboutique online store, specializing in products of comfort for pre- and postnatal women. 





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